The History and Style of Jeremy Goldstein

There are many journeys for an individual to take on the road of life. There are people who prefer to take life leisurely and simply follow the waves as they come. While others try to navigate the waters to reach a beneficial outcome. Then lastly, there are those you go head first to forge their own path forward. All throughout the world there are people who have reached success on all three of these paths. Jeremy Goldstein is a New York based lawyer who could be classified under the third category. Ideamesch interviewed him to discuss where he sees himself in this current landscape.


In order to understand his present position, Jeremy Goldstein first expands on how he reached this point. As a bright young college student he obtained his B.A. and M.A degrees from Cornell University and the University of Chicago respectively. While great on their own, he needed to attend school one last time at New York University for his J.D. program. Once that was cleared, he entered a period of uncertainly in his life where he had to overcome a lack of experience and find some footing in a industry not too friendly to outsiders. However, goods things always come to those who wait.


The birth of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates was a moment many years in the making for Jeremy Goldstein. It was the culmination of his passion and a central point where his colleges could work together on cases presented to the firm. In the years since then, his influence as an attorney has only gone up. Jeremy Goldstein frequently finds himself being asked for opinions on major issues, writing papers, or influencing the overall direction of law. As someone who has been in the business for over 20 years, his experience far surpasses many of his peers.


20 years in a long time in any field, which makes Jeremy Goldstein nostalgic as he reflects on the core parts of his success. He would point to two personal qualities that put him over the top. The first is how he is naturally personable and curious with the clients he meets. He wants to form a bond with them that thrives outside of business. The relationship between lawyer and client one of the most trusted boned that can be created. Additionally, Jeremy Goldstein believes his desire to improve himself was the other major factor. There is no such thing as failure in his mind. A negative result is something to learn and grow upon.


As the businesses industry shifts over the years, Jeremy Goldstein has to remain adaptable and open to client suggests. His firm has become a staple of the New York business scene.


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