The Career of One Russian Education Entrepreneur

Alexei Beltyukov is an entrepreneur who began his career in medicine. However, he later decided that business was a better fit for him and got his MBA from INSEAD. Right after this, he proved his acumen in the field by launching various business ventures, all of which were successful. In 2013, he founded an angel investing club called Endemic Capital. Other ventures founded by him during this time were Mechanicus, New Gas Technologies and A-Ventures.

His most notable work, however, was done in the field of philanthropy and an online homework project called SOLVY where Alexei Beltyukov serves as COO.

Work at SOLVY – SOLVY is an online venture helping students in high school grasp the concepts of mathematics. This online system not only helps students solve their problems and clear their doubts in maths but also ropes in the teachers into the equations.

Teachers can access various topics and subjects, and check if their students are progressing as per expectations. The progress of the student can be tracked in the tool itself and when the entire class is enrolled, teachers can also ascertain whether all the students have properly understood the concept.

Teachers can offer instant feedback on student progress and help them with any doubts that may occur. The idea of SOLVY is to help students apply mathematical concepts to real life problems, thus making their knowledge more long lasting and practical.

SOLVY Beta Version Launch – Alexei Beltyukov became the Chief Operating Officer of SOLVY in February 2015 and within 2 months, the online project was ready to release a public Beta version which was successfully accomplished under Alexei Beltyukov’s leadership.

The project debuted in EdSurge’s LA tech conference in front of various experts and educators. The people present at the conference commended SOLVY and Alexei Beltyukov for their forward thinking, particularly on the company’s elimination of MCQ questions.

It was also mentioned that instead of pitting students against each other, SOLVY had turned maths into a quest for knowledge by encouraging mistakes so that children could learn to grow.

Alexei Beltyukov said that he was glad about the great reception of SOLVY and emphasized that SOLVY was to become a household name in the subject. He added that the idea was to ensure students were progressing even when they were outside the classroom.

Currently, Alexei Beltyukov is on the FORO Energy Board of Directors as an observer. His philanthropic works include the Russian Alumni Scholarship that was launched with his help at INSEAD.

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