The Academy of Art University Produces Successful Graduates

What is the Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University is a notable design school that propels aspiring artists into their dream careers. At the academy, students can expect to build a professional portfolio and gain technical skills as well as a strong identity in art and design. The academy teaches a disciplined approach to art and design and helps the students master their own creativity and learn to mix that strength with professional knowledge.


What Can Students Look Forward To

At the academy students are accepted as long as they have a passion for their art and the drive to grow. The academy allows students to collaborate on challenging projects, students are taught ethics and professionalism and the teachers at the school are active in the arts as well. That gives students a lot to gain in real time from their classes.


Notable Alumni

The Academy of Art University is very proud of their alumni. Graduates of the academy have gone to mainstream commercials, celebrity music videos, fashion, cartoon illustration, visual effects for tv series and more. Most recently, one of the academy’s alumni Daniel Arriaga won an Oscar for directing the Pixar movie “Coco”. Daniel graduated from the academy and became a senior director at Pixar. His vision for the Oscar-winning film had a lot to do with his personal heritage. Since his completion of the film, Daniel had returned to the academy to give motivational talks to the students about the challenges and rewards he faced during his journey to success. His talks have been said to inspire the students and give them something to hope for after graduation.


Fun Facts About The Academy of Art University

The academy has offered innovative online education since 2002. It has had the opportunity to showcase students at New York Fashion Week. Vehicles from the academy’s classic car museum have been featured in a parade. The academy has a strong athletics program and won a National Championship, making history in the NCAA.

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