Terry Richardson: One of the Worlds Most Talented Fashion Photographers

The world of film and photography is pretty hard to break into. This is especially true for film and photography in the fashion and music industry. Terry Richardson hasn’t had any problem being very successful in this industry however. He has created an amazing name for himself as one of the most well regarded fashion photographers in the industry. He has also made a name for himself as a highly respected music video director as well. We will take an in depth look at Terry Richardson in this article and share with you more of his story and his accomplishments.

Terry’s first love was that of punk rock music. He started out in the Hollywood area playing in a punk rock band, and looking for success through that avenue. This was something that he had always dreamed of since he was a young child. His mother bought him a camera in 1982 in order to help him document his time in the punk scene. In 1992 Terry decided that he was done with music and he wanted to focus more on photography. He packed up and moved to New York where he started to really focus in on his photography skills.

It was in New York where things really started to happen for Terry Richardson. He had his first set of photos published in Vibe in 1994. This is when things really started to take off for Terry. It wasn’t long before word got out about his amazing talent. The next year in 1995 Terry shot his first spring collection as a fashion photographer. This was a great step in the right direction for Terry, and he decided to move to London, England after this shoot. He worked for many European magazines in London, and continued to grow his career overseas.

Since Terry’s start in the fashion industry he has worked for some of the biggest labels, designers, brands, and magazines. His work is known world wide, and revered for its amazing style and technique. Terry is multi-talented as well. Ever since the early 90s, Terry has been directing music videos for some of the biggest names in the industry.

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