Michael Nierenberg Welcomes A New Resident To New Residential

Michael Nierenberg has dedicated much of his career to helping investors get the most out of their dollars. He has been considered a leader at every company he’s worked for. With the establishment of New Residential, Nierenberg focuses on leading the company‘s operations involving residential investments.

In an effort to strengthen New Residential’s brand, Michael Nierenberg welcomed Pam Lenehan to the team. She is the newest member on the Board of Directors; and will serve as Senior Executive. The CEO for NRZ mentions that Pamela’s extensive experience in the banking industry will serve New Residential’s long-term goals appropriately.

Prior to joining Michael Nierenberg and New Residential, Pam Lenehan held numerous senior positions; at various financial institutions. Some of these positions include Chief Financial Officer and vice president to name a few. Her resume and passion for growth appears to be a good complement to New Residential’s vision.

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