Stratford Shields and the Details of Financial Success

Stratford Shields has been contributing to the world of finance for both the government and the private sector for over 20 years. He has held the title of Head of Public Finance at two firms on Wall Street. He received an award for a $483 million transaction for Ohio State University. He was the Deputy Director of the Ohio Office of Management and Budget. His current role is Managing Diretor at Loop Capital Markets.

He gets to work early so that he can spend time thinking about the individual financial strategies associated with his various clients. Considering multiple projects at once in this way allows him to develop cross-disciplinary solutions based on what has worked for one company and might be applied to another. He also makes reading a priority so that he can be current with news developments that might affect his clients.

Shields is not afraid of out of the box thinking. Tried and true methods are not the only methods with which he has found success. At the same time, he expects failures to occur as well. With this mindset, his focus is not on avoiding failure but on having the resilience to keep going after each one.

His organizational strategy consists of identifying the goal he wants for his client and then working backwards to establish the fine details that he needs to get that goal accomplished. Keeping in touch with his clients helps him to organize these details, as the client is immersed in the particulars of his or her business. Discussing the potential benefits and drawbacks of new ideas with his clients is a source of inspiration.

His drive towards entrepreneurship stems from his work privatizing the Ohio State University’s parking system, thus helping that institution raise millions of dollars for its operations.

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