Sergey Petrossov Has The Goal of Travel Convenience With JetSmarter


Those who travel a lot understand that the world of flying is full of hassles. The security lines are long. The food doesn’t taste very good. The plane flights are prone to being delayed and canceled. What if there was a better way? This is the goal of Sergey Petrossov. He is only 28 years old; however, his company, JetSmarter, is already one of the most successful travel companies in the world. It is worth more than $1 billion and has received support from people such as the Saudi Royal Family and Jay-Z. Now, the company is trying to find ways to make the world of private jet travel more accessible to the average person. This would be far more convenient than commercial travel.

The company has grown quickly by taking advantage of an opening in the private jet travel industry. In the past, it was a major hassle to book a private flight. Someone had to physically call a company and sign papers to book a flight. Sergey Petrossov knew that if he could change this process, the world of private jet travel would become more accessible to everyone. His company, JetSmarter, has done exactly that. Now, someone can book a private flight with their phone. This means that flying private has gotten cheaper, meaning that more people than ever before can book a private flight.


Sergey Petrossov isn’t sure exactly where his company is going to go; however, he knows that it has a bright future. When someone books a flight through JetSmarter, they are met at the gate with someone who helps them with their bags, escorts them to their plane, and has catered food ready. This represents a far more convenient way of flying. It will be exciting to watch this young company continue to grow. Eventually, Sergey Petrossov might even find himself taking on the commercial travel industry as well.

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