Sergey Petrossov Founded JetSmarter To Take The Hassle Out Of Booking Flights

Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov came up with the idea for JetSmarter during one of his travels on a private jet. Flying in a private jet compared to a traditional airliner is akin to driving an expensive sports car on the road versus driving a bus. Not only are the inside of private jets luxurious, but they are amazingly smooth to fly in. All this luxury comes with a price, which is expected, but it also comes with a huge hassle when it comes to booking private flights. Sergey had this problem while trying to book his own private flights far too often, which inspired him to change the way things are done with JetSmarter

Sergey first came up with the idea for JetSmarter three years before he was able to start the company in 2009. After some test runs, JetSmarter launched a beta version in 2012 to test out the waters. JetSmarter was not only a valid idea, but it also became a sensation that quickly blew up. After several years and at only 29 years of age, Sergey Petrossov’s JetSmarter became a billion dollar corporation. Dozens of collaborators and investors have come together to help fund the project, which is basically the Uber of jets.

Unlike booking a car ride, which is quick, easy, and cheap, there is a little bit more work in order to fly on a private jet. JetSmarter handles this process for clients so they don’t have to do any legwork or go through a hassle booking their flight. Since its inception, JetSmarter has acquired roughly 15 thousand unique memberships around the globe, mostly including businessmen, celebrities, and even the royal family in Saudi Arabia.

Private jets are a luxury and its not common for just anyone to be using them, especially since they can cost a hefty amount per flight. A membership fee to JetSmarter costs around 15 thousand dollars per year, which is actually quite cheap depending on flight hours.

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