Ryan Seacrest Distinction: Partnering to Win

Ryan Seacrest, designer of new stylish menswear line, Ryan Seacrest Distinction wins in the fashion industry with critical key partners. The fashion line launched successfully in 2014. He was inspired by clothing styled by Christopher Bailey of Burberry. The stylist, in short, was responsible for Mr. Seacrest’s emerging tapered look. Ryan Seacrest enhanced the look and pushed it to the forefront of the fashion market. The style highlights fine textiles in brilliant colors and patterns, in sensible sizes. The quality line was introduced at moderate pricing, starting at $45. He has created a ‘Bond’ look for a fraction of the cost.

Ryan Seacrest partnered exclusively with titan retailer Macy’s to push through his passion for fashion. He resolutely leaned on the store’s expertise and advice as he reached out to brand manufacturers. Itochu was secured for the production of his tailored sportswear collection. While Peerless Clothing International produce the brand’s suits, evening wear, and sports jackets. Ryan Seacrest and Macy’s have established a very lucrative long-term relationship. Macy’s embraced the diversity in the Ryan Seacrest Distinction collection. The department store recognized the FM ‘On Air with Ryan Seacrest‘ host as a pivotal ally and effective sales promoter that would sustain their sales margins.

The energetic Man of Hollywood is extremely meticulous about his actions. Astute host and now successful entrepreneur, Ryan Seacrest, surrounds himself with smart experts to bring forth his competitive line. He learned over the course of 15 or so years the art of great clothing and the importance of creating vital relationships. His team works diligently on taking the brand’s designs to new levels of style, concentrating on accessibility, quality, and detail. Ryan Seacrest is loyal to the Macy’s brand and foresees a long future of successes ahead. His brand forecasts $50 million in sales for 2018. Mr. Seacrest can attest that creating essential partnerships with key counterparts bring about win-win outcomes.

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