Review: You Have to try EOS!!

Not only does EOS Cooling Chamomile soothe but also heals my skin. I can’t believe how well it actually works. I like the smell and it really does work well. EOS in general just has a unique way of displaying chap stick which makes it fun and new. I wish I would have found EOS years ago but I was hesitant. I am so thankful I listened to one of my friends and bought this. My lips will forever be soft thanks to EOS and I will continuously buy the Cooling Chamomile. I’m so glad that the pain on my lips are now in the past.

EOS lip balm has a unique way of applying it to the lips. The consumer doesn’t have to put the product on their fingers first to apply but directly on the lips just like chap stick. The lip balm soothes and heals like any typical brand of chap stick and it smells nice. It’s big enough to find in a bag but small enough to fit just about anywhere (Allure).

One of the best qualities about the lip balm is that it is always updating and changing to help benefit the consumer the best way possible. It is all natural lip and skin care and many don’t know how much they care for the people who buy there stuff. There are plenty of different scents for anyone plus they have different types like crystal, organic, active lip balm, and many more.  Check this at link


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