Pushing Beyond Social Barriers with Smita Shah

When looking back at the course of human history, the sequence of events is almost always at the
hands of a male figurehead in power. They have ruled the greatest powers over time and
accumulated the greatest wealth. However, as one turns the pages of history into the modern-day
they will find something different. There are more and more women showing up in higher rank
positions across all levels of society. A generation of women’s rights movements and social equality has brought women to their current position. At the top of the current push is Smita Shah who
joined the battle right after college. The website Premiere Gazette published an article about her
backstory and influence on bringing more women out into the open.
The beginning to Smita Shah’s push for a greater presence of women steams back to her
childhood. As a child, she was entranced by what one could do with numbers. She
demonstrated a sixth sense for using numbers in ways that many kids her age would not
understand. Smita Shah describes how her person allowed for this talent to flourish unaffected by
social norms. She often skipped out on hanging out with friends for the sake of deepening her
understanding of math. This passion came to a head during her college years as she participated in
several competitions. At this point she had earned the respect of friends and peers alike, thus her
next move came naturally. Smita Shah entered the male industrial sector with a bang when she
founded SPAAN Tech, Inc in 1998. The shock of a woman acting in such a bold manner sent a jolt
across her male peers. Learn more: https://premiergazette.com/2019/07/smita-shahs-best-practices-empowerment-workplace/
In order to bring out the best in women, Smita Shah has to overcome two stereotypes. The first
being that women are taught how inferior they are in every aspect to men. She counters this by
using her own career as a guidepost that nothing is impossible when you strive forward. Secondly,
Smita Shah has gone out of her way to highlight her fellow female business peers as role models.
The world of business is open to anyone willing to take that first step into the workplace.
Once in the business, the ascent up the corporate ladder truly begins in earnest. Smita Shah
provides a series of tips to help women get off on the right foot. It includes advice for work
management, connection building, and how to turn every event into an opportunity. Smita Shah
understands how brutal the industry can be even to those who have been around, but she believes
in the yet untapped potential in women. She is living proof that social norms hold no meaningful

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