Jose Auriemo Neto: Involvement in Various Construction Projects

A lot of construction projects are taking place in Brazil, and it is because of the country’s growing economy and huge investments from overseas companies. JHSF Participacoes, the country’s premier real estate and property development firm headed by Jose Auriemo Neto, is also building many construction projects all over the country. Since he became the company’s head in 2006, Jose Auriemo Neto led the JHSF Participacoes in a different direction. His efforts resulted in the growth of the corporate value, soaring to $1.2 billion. Many investors have also considered the company as a great investment option because of the superb performances from the real estate sector.

For more than 40 years of operations, the JHSF Participacoes experienced great changes under the leadership of Jose Auriemo Neto, and he also revealed that his next plans would be expanding overseas. The grandfather of Jose Auriemo Neto, who was the former corporate CEO, chose him to become the next leader because he saw his potential in becoming a leader. In the early 1990s, he was assigned to work on the construction of the Parque Cidade Jardim. Prior to the construction of the mall, he suggested to his grandfather that their company should enter the retail industry, because of its promising opportunity. Being able to persuade his grandfather, JHSF Participacoes entered the retail industry and he was tasked to lead the department in building malls and other structures that would be vital for their new venture.

When Parque Cidade Jardim was completed, it was listed as one of the largest shopping centers in the country, and many luxury brands have signed a business deal with JHSF Participacoes to secure space inside. The success of Jose Auriemo Neto in entering the retail industry also led to various business ventures conducted under his watch. The company has entered the hotel and restaurant business after they have seen the success of the retail sector, and they started to buy a hotel chain that was later renovated.Today, Jose Auriemo Neto is leading the partnership with the Brazilian government in building infrastructures, like a new airport in Sao Paulo.

Article Title: The RealReal growth in consignment movement of luxury items

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The RealReal is a company which specialises in selling second-hand luxury items. It is located in San Francisco. These luxury items include clothes, bags, shoes and jewellery. The company has grown rapidly over the demand for second-hand items from their customers. Despite specialising in second-hand items, the company has been able to feature fashionable and authentic items for their clients. The company has provided a platform where the customers can rent, buy and resell their products. The company is set to open more stores and new strategies.

The RealReal basically extends the cycle of items in the fashion industry. Luxury items which have already finished their primary lifecycle are able to be extended in order to fill the gap in the market. Resale of items is a strategy which is growing bigger globally. Most of the women who spend money on clothes are likely to opt to shop from the second-hand stores. This way, they also get a variety of great products.

One major advantage of reselling products is promoting less carbon footprint. When an item’s lifecycle has been extended, the product is likely to be bought as a second-hand and this reduces the carbon footprint and waste in the environment. The company is also able to give their customers opportunities to style up their wardrobe with luxury items at a more affordable price.

Companies like the RealReal are estimated to grow fast and leave behind fashion and departmental stores. The idea of selling old goods is effective in making room for new products in the market. The biggest consumers of the products are women. Keeping up with the new style can be quite challenging. The RealReal had provided a platform where the rich can dispose what they no longer need and give the items to the market which does not have.

Their Instagram page is very lively with authentic and beautifully posted photos. They have a great customer care service. People looking to buying, renting or selling can contact them on social media to communicate with the company personally. The company is built on trust and great customer satisfaction.

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Things that Rebel Wilson did on her 39th Birthday

Australian movie star Rebel Wilson turned 39 on March 9th 2019 and marked the day with various fun activities. The famous actress chose to go out of the normal routine and try things that people could not imagine.

She kept sharing her moments with her fans through her online platforms, and it created a storm. The fans kept asking for more and the star kept sharing images and videos. For instance, two videos were showing her trying out new things. To remember this day, let us look at some of the things that she did.

She learned how to cook cakes

You read that right; Rebel Wilson chose to attend a cake making class at the Milk Bar. She posted images of herself and her friends at the course as they made some of the cakes that she thought she would never be able to create.

In addition to that, she learned how to come up with a unique cake designed. She posted that after the classes, they proceeded to her place where they ate pizzas and other delicacies to make the day even more enjoyable.

She learned a new dance

It seemed to be a day of learning for Rebel Wilson because apart from being taught how to make cakes, she was introduced to a new exercise. Dubbed CATZERCISE, it involved new moves that work various muscles of the body and burn fat. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

She said that it was the perfect workout for anyone who wanted to get their body ready for the summer. Apart from that, she encouraged her fans to try it saying that it is the best thing that will happen to them. Considering her vast following, it is undoubted that the workout will be a favorite for many.

She announced the release of a new movie

It was the perfect opportunity for Rebel Wilson to announce that there will be a new movie I 2019 in which she will be featuring. Called “Cats,” the film is still in its production stages and therefore, fans can only wait for more news.

She posted pictures of herself and the cast saying that it was a fantastic crew. The movie, she said, will be one of the biggest releases of 2019. This is a star that has featured in many films in various categories, and therefore, nobody expects the new project to be any different.


As she turns 39, Rebel Wilson has come through many situations to be the top star that she is today. From her childhood years in Australia to her residence in West Hollywood where she moved after graduating from University, her journey has been a symbolic one. She is one of the actors who have been active since they first appeared on stage and that is the reason why her popularity never fades.

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Gino Pozzo Roots for Watford FC

Watford may have lost once while they get closer to the Premier League and its FA Cup, but the team’s coach, Gino Pozzo, is still rooting for the team to do well regardless. He feels that the team is doing well with the game despite the ambition that he admits he has. The number of points that his team had would be good enough to keep the players from stepping down when they are in the team. It’s also been mentioned that one of the players, Deulofeu, was one of the teammates that kept Watford going back in 1986.

It was that moment where Watford began to grow as one of the best football teams out there. On top of that, the team would also get to meet their fans more as well as continue scoring with their best players as time went on. Everyone stuck together, but no matter what, they know that they must continue improving for bigger games. There was some minor debating over if Cardiff did miss a point when he was in the second half of the game while Simon Hooper gave him a penalty when Watford earned a point.

They argued over if it was meant to be something along the lines of a 1-1 before they argued over what could have lead to it. Warnock brings up how it’s very bizarre for it to even happen. He felt that Hooper was going so well in the game but was sadly shafted, and none of the other players stood up for him. Later on, they would think about what to do better when looking for who would be responsible for causing the penalty, and something that would prevent making a mistake as done on Simon Hooper moving forward for the rest of the FA Cup.

Ashley Lightspeed of Lightspeed Ventures, has what it takes to lead the Digital World

Ashley Lightspeed is a talented entrepreneur and digital media advisor. She currently serves Lightspeed Ventures as one of the partners guiding the way for start-up companies to thrive in today’s world. She is known to have acquired quite the knowledge in different fields that prove helpful in earning a decent livelihood these days.

Ashley Lightspeed knows the arts and media industries and also knows how to run a business effectively. To attain all of the mentioned abilities Ashley first got an undergraduate degree from the Duke University, under its prestigious Arts in Visual and Media program that opened doors for her in the digital world. See more of Ashley at

Prior to working at Lightspeed Ventures, as a consultant and investor of new companies, Ashley began her career at Bain & Company. She worked there as a Senior Associate Consultant, creating prototypes for the company’s customers. After serving the company for many years, Ashley decided to join the workforce of Thumbtack to get experience as a Category Manager.

Her interest in joining the Lightspeed Ventures encouraged her to get a renowned MBA degree from Stanford University and put another star on her resume. She finally joined the Lightspeed Ventures Partners in 2018 as an investment partner. Lightspeed Ventures is a company with a sight of the future that invests and supports the latest ideas and businesses that take over the world and become new trends.

Ashley’s passion is prototyping, which she took on from quite a young age. She still uses prototyping as the principle of the work that she does at Ventures. Another thing that Ashley greatly emphasizes on is craftsmanship which is used to aid a firm in making decisions related to providing valuable products and ideas to its customers.

Ashley Lightspeed is an inspirational businesswoman who has a clear view of how she’s going to change the world with new technology trends for the better.

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Vijay Eswaran Is An Inspirational Figure Who Is Helping To Educate A New Generation Of Entrepreneurs

Vijay Eswaran is the executive chairman and founder of the QI Group, which is a company that is involved with the building of a spread of companies from various industries. It is headquartered in Hong Kong but also has locations in other parts of the world. Over the course of his life, Eswaran has traveled all over the world and has learned a lot from his travels. It is his belief that it is best to be focused on the present moment so that the past does not distract a person from the important work they are currently engaged in.

Vijay Eswaran likes to take a moment of silence for himself at the beginning of every new day. He has commented that this helps him to remain focused and ready to do what needs to be done. Eswaran has learned that listening is one of the best things that a human can focus on, and he has learned to do this very well during the course of his career.

Vijay Eswaran was taught to value education at a young age, and he studied at the London School of Economics when he was older. It was there that he earned his degree in economics, and he went on to receive his MBA from Southern Illinois University. While he believes that there are people who can find success without a degree, he feels that life is made much easier for those who earn one. He has commented time-and-time-again that the current college paradigm is running off of an outdated model from the 1800s and hopes this will change soon.

Vijay Eswaran drove a taxi cab for a living earlier in his life while he was studying accounting. This helped to pay his way through school, and after this, he took some time to hike around the world. Eswaran has also spent time at monasteries, where he took an oath of silence one time for over a month. His life experience has taught him the value of giving back to others, and in this vein, he continues to use his position and knowledge to help guide the next generation of entrepreneurs.


When it comes to blockchain technology, Serge Belamant is a patent holder and an expert. Born in Tulle, Serge and his family relocated to South Africa when he was 14 years old so that his father could find work as a tiler. While in South Africa, Serge went to study a course in computer science and technology at Witwatersrand University. Serge Belamant has been in the industry for a long time and has had the exposure of working with different companies under various fields. He has a talent for financial coding software, and this has led to the creation of important technological software. Serge’s passion for what he does is what has led to his success, and he is now recognized worldwide for his work. Many of Serge Belamant’s innovations have heavily contributed to financial and global banking systems. See more on

After working with several companies, Serge decided to build his company, and in 1989 Net1 UEPS Technologies was born. The company ran under the UEPS, universal electronic payment systems that were created by Serge Belamant. When the system appeared to be functioning correctly and running smoothly, VISA approached Serge Belamant to develop the chip offline pre-authorized card which he also created successfully. These cards are widely used today in debit and credit cards. After this, Serge Belamant was contracted to design a digital system to manage the payment of welfare grants to South Africans especially those in the rural areas that had no access to the grants. The digital payment system was a success and years later other countries like Russia and Iraq began using it. Serge is now focused on working with Zilch Technologies.

The inspiration for starting Zilch Technologies came from his son who is an IT engineer. Belamant’s son has a computer science degree and has used it to launch a company that manufactures mobile phones. The two were discussing the influence of social media on the modern world and how financial companies can use the platforms to sell their products to the younger generation in a more understandable language. These commercial products can then be used to manage the bank accounts, saving and spending habits of the users. This was the beginning of Zilch.

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Brazilian Business Man Guilherme Paulus

Guilherme Paulus, one of Brazil’s most successful businessmen, was born in 1949. He knew at a young age that he wanted to be a successful businessman. At the age of 20, he went to university to study business administration and accepted an internship with IBM. Four years later he met Carlos Vicente Cerchiari, a local government official. Carlos Vicente Cerchiari had an idea to expand and bring tourism to Brazil. Entrepreneur Guilherme Paulus had no money to invest at the time but he liked the idea. Cerchiari offered an investment deal to start a company named CVC where Paulus would be in charge of the daily operation.

Later that year, in Sao Paulo, they opened their first storefront. The two men went on to be business partners for four more years until Cerchiari decided to part ways from the operations. Guilherme  success journey as a businessman began at CVC’s first outlet selling tours. The outlet was located outside a cinema that got a constant flow of moviegoers. The location of the store was very beneficial. CVC continued to thrive by opening stores across Brazil in areas with adequate foot traffic. Since then, CVC has grown into the largest tourism company in Brazil and Latin America. As of recently, it has been estimated that there are around 1,200 store fronts operating around the world and with more than 3,000 employees.

In 2005, Guilherme Paulus invested over $600 million into a new company and named it GJP Hotels & Resorts. GJP Hotels & Resorts can be found in all major cities within Brazil. There are 14 hotels and resorts around Brazil including 3-star Linx hotels, 4-star Prodigy hotels and their ultra-luxury 5-star brand named Wish hotels. Guilherme Paulus has received quite a bit of recognition and awards for his involvement in the tourism industry over the years, even being named Entrepreneur of the Year in 2017. He believes his success comes from staying connected with his hotel business. He travels to different GJP properties several times a week to talk with clients, employees, and monitor their operation. Click here.


How Guilherme Paulus has achieved his successful career in the hotel industry

Guilherme Paulus is a renowned Brazilian hotelier with over 20 hotels and resorts that he operates. Other than that, he is a globar entrepreneur and also heads the board of advisors of Brazilian Tour Company. Having been in the service industry for quite a long while, he has learnt a lot and experienced growth in different ways.

He started his first hotel in the year 1995 and that has grown to a successful business with more than 5000 employees. Guilherme Paulus started out as an intern but his passion for entrepreneurship pushed him to start a hotel with the help of Carlos Vicente Cerchiari. Due to his young age and few resources, Carlos provided the investment while Guilherme contributed to the idea in terms of groundwork.

The partnership between the two lasted about four years and that became the starting point of Guilherme’s GJP hotels. According to Paulus, it has not been an easy journey but with his passion and a set of principles to run by, he has made it to where he is.

Guilherme Paulus says that his days consist of written weekly schedules, a lot of optimism and gratitude. This gives him a form of organization and productivity throughout the week. He also likes being involved in the day to day activities of his hotels. He is therefore travelling from time to time so that he can interract directly with the customers as well as the employees.

Among the things that have made his business successful is focussing on different markets. Guilherme insists that local tourism is as important as international tourism and that embracing both has made his business grow immensely.

This Brazilian hotelier is amused by technology and its ability to shorten the distance between information, action and change. That has made business interesting and easier. Faith is what drives him to make that first step into anything that ends up anywhere. He says that when you love what you do, you put in work, time and energy to make it a reality. Guilherme Paulus confirma participação no Fórum Conectividade; inscreva-se grátis

Guilherme Paulus has become a global entrepreneur through investing. He says that the best way he can spend his money is by saving it. Click here to learn more

The Life And Philanthropy of Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein was born in Israel in 1952. Both of his parents immigrated to Israel during the early days of the country following its establishment in 1948, his father coming from Mexico and his mother from Argentina. His father served as a combat soldier during the war for Israeli Independence and later worked as a building framer.

Adam Milstein followed in his father’s footsteps of serving in the Israeli armed forces, and he fought in Ariel Sharon’s army division during the 1973 Yom Kippur War. Following his military service, Milstein earned a degree in business and economics at the Technion, Israeli Institute of Technology, graduating in 1978. Adam Milstein worked with his father during and after his studies at the Technion to expand the family’s real estate and construction business, learning valuable lessons along the way.

In 1981, Adam Milstein, along with his wife and children, moved to southern California where he studied at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles and earned a Master of Business Administration degree. Next came a highly successful career in real estate development in California.


Adam Milstein is known for his generosity to the causes he supports. In general, he is passionate about developing ties between Jewish people living in the United States and those in the State of Israel as well as creating networks among Israeli-Americans.

He co-founded the Israeli-American Council, which has many programs and initiatives to unite the roughly half-million people, like Milstein and his family, who came to America from Israel and now consider both countries to be their homes. He is also a strong supporter of the education organization Stand With Us, which has the mission of standing up for the State of Israel and the Jewish people when they are demonized or misrepresented with an emphasis on working with young people in high schools and on college campuses.

Furthermore, along with his wife, he founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, which gives to a wide variety of charities and causes. In particular, the foundation focuses on supporting people who are battling cancer.