Boris Ivanov And Gazprom Set Sights On Africa’s Untapped Gas Reserves

The fact that Africa has numerous untapped gas reserves is well-known, but breaking into these markets has presented a challenge for some of the larger oil and gas companies. Some of the more common challenges are associated with legal regulations that are unique to each country as well as the profound cost associated with establishing infrastructure in some of these areas. Recently, Boris Ivanov Gazprom has proudly announced the discovery of a huge Algerian reserve, and it intends to expand its market reach as a result.

Boris Ivanov leads Gazprom and has plans for growth in Portugal and Spain. Up to this point, Boris Ivanov Gazprom has provided as much as 30 percent of the European gas supply, but this has not included Portugal and Spain. The new Algerian well has produced up to 75,000 cubic meters of product per day, which is sufficient for breaking into these markets.


Algeria is not the only African country that is receiving attention from Boris Ivanov Gazprom. This is a Russian company that is state-controlled, and it is also focusing on tapping into reserves in Nigeria, Namibia and Libya. In fact, it plans to open 18 new wells in the upcoming year. Boris Ivanov Gazprom has successfully found ways to maneuver through the complicated legal structures in these and other African markets. One of the strategies that has been successful for the company thus far is partnering with smaller gas companies that are established in these areas. Some of the firms that Gazprom has partnered with or is positioning itself to partner with are Tullow Oil, Sonatrach, Equinox and Namcor.

The cost of accessing these reserves also must be taken into account. According to Boris Ivanov, Gazprom may spend up to or more than $1 billion for infrastructure related to the Kudu offshore site in Namibia. Nonetheless, the company is moving forward with the projection that this cost will be more than recouped in the future.

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Igor Cornelsen Relies On His Principles To Invest

In the glamorous city of Curitiba in southern Brazil, Igor Cornelsen was born on October 4, 1927.

When he was a young man, he went to eh Federal University of Parana and finished at this university in 1970.

After graduating from university, he was quite in demand as he had the ability to make complicated calculations like equations with compound interest rates in his mind. This was considered a sought-after ability as there were no convenient office computers to make his complicated calculations.

After looking through all the offers, he thought his skills would be best used as an investment at Multibanco. To work at this company, he had to move to Rio de Janeiro. He quickly became a part of the board of directors in 1974 and a CEO in 1976. By 1976. he had only been out of college for six years.

Before founding his own firm, he worked for Libra Bank and Chartered Merchant Bank.

In 1995, he started his own firm. This new firm finally allowed to use everything that he he learned in college. He could actually talk to his clients directly in any manner that he wanted to as he was the boss. Since this firm was started, it has been a success.

Igor Cornelsen believes that his success in the marketplace has come from having personal principles. For one thing, he looks at the markets carefully and follows studiously looks at the investment news. He likes to look at developing economies. Developing countries give you the opportunity to buy low and sell high.

Before Igor Cornelsen made a decision, he would make sure that he had all the hard facts and he tries to make sure that these hard facts are based on unbiased information. To him, the best source of information about investment ideas is the news service called Reuters. Reuters has a tendency to be unbiased.

One big difference between Igor Cornelsen and other investors is that he does not take tips from other investors. He does not mind listening to his friends and colleagues, but he will ultimately not take their tips. He thinks that their tips could be biased and that their past experiences could affecting their current judgment.

With his principles, Igor Cornelsen has been able to become a successful investor.

Gustavo Martinez, The Marketing and Advertising Entrepreneur Who Gives Back

Gustavo Martinez is highly respected in the world of marketing and advertising. He has worked within the industry for 35 years and has created several well-know and inspirational advertising campaigns. Many of his ads are so iconic, they have impacted pop culture, which solidifies his position and relevance in the business.

During Gustavo’s career, he has held top positions for very reputable firms around the globe. Gustavo has been in such positions of power such as, CEO and president. Before rising to such positions, his talents served elite clients at Price Waterhouse and Henkel. Today, Gustavo uses his entrepreneurial skills by working as an advertising and marketing consultant. By having the flexibility of this independent position, allows him to connect more closely and more often with his clients. His independence also allows him to utilize his creativity and customize each result for every client.

Gustavo is the kind of entrepreneur who likes to give back and help other up-and-coming professionals. He freely shares advice and tips to allow others the potential to achieve their goals and dreams for their own individual companies. Gustavo has said that the advertising and marketing industry are unlike other business spheres. In most industries, someone who is a good worker is reliable, punctual and performs repetitive tasks. However, in advertising, someone needs to freely express their artistic abilities and tap into their creative side with freedom. However, Gustavo has experienced working in both realms of the business. He has proven that he can create and operate under management, which is one of the reasons he’s been so successful in all that he has done.

Gustavo Martinez actively uses his abilities to produce business acceleration. Gustavo helps startup companies improve their marketing and outcome capabilities from day one of their doors opening. He knows that the failure rate is 90 percent worldwide for startups. His current efforts associated with business acceleration are focusing on maximizing the benefits of functionality, analytics and technology design. This approach allows startups and more established companies to maximize the benefits of new aged strategies, with the goal of increasing their overall chances of success. Gustavo helps achieve such goals by using Massive Data Heights to collect insightful information from consumer reviews found on the internet.

Gustavo Martinez credits being a good listen as one of his personal qualities that has made him such a success in the business. He recognizes that his clients and employees have valuable, creative ideas that they can bring to the table. He likes his team to work in a collaborative atmosphere and encourage his team to freely share ideas. Gustavo also rewards and recognizes team members who accomplish amazing things.

Gustavo is a family man who makes sure he has breakfast with his family each more. In addition, he is also a charitable entrepreneur. His personal views on charity are that, one should donate money to causes that you feel deep rooted passion for. As opposed to, donating large sums of money, just for the recognition.

When Gustavo was asked what advice he would give to his younger self he said, that he would tell himself to not be in such a rush, be patient, learn from others. He says that if anyone can master those three things, their goals or business can soar to a different level.


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Pushing Beyond Social Barriers with Smita Shah

When looking back at the course of human history, the sequence of events is almost always at the
hands of a male figurehead in power. They have ruled the greatest powers over time and
accumulated the greatest wealth. However, as one turns the pages of history into the modern-day
they will find something different. There are more and more women showing up in higher rank
positions across all levels of society. A generation of women’s rights movements and social equality has brought women to their current position. At the top of the current push is Smita Shah who
joined the battle right after college. The website Premiere Gazette published an article about her
backstory and influence on bringing more women out into the open.
The beginning to Smita Shah’s push for a greater presence of women steams back to her
childhood. As a child, she was entranced by what one could do with numbers. She
demonstrated a sixth sense for using numbers in ways that many kids her age would not
understand. Smita Shah describes how her person allowed for this talent to flourish unaffected by
social norms. She often skipped out on hanging out with friends for the sake of deepening her
understanding of math. This passion came to a head during her college years as she participated in
several competitions. At this point she had earned the respect of friends and peers alike, thus her
next move came naturally. Smita Shah entered the male industrial sector with a bang when she
founded SPAAN Tech, Inc in 1998. The shock of a woman acting in such a bold manner sent a jolt
across her male peers. Learn more:
In order to bring out the best in women, Smita Shah has to overcome two stereotypes. The first
being that women are taught how inferior they are in every aspect to men. She counters this by
using her own career as a guidepost that nothing is impossible when you strive forward. Secondly,
Smita Shah has gone out of her way to highlight her fellow female business peers as role models.
The world of business is open to anyone willing to take that first step into the workplace.
Once in the business, the ascent up the corporate ladder truly begins in earnest. Smita Shah
provides a series of tips to help women get off on the right foot. It includes advice for work
management, connection building, and how to turn every event into an opportunity. Smita Shah
understands how brutal the industry can be even to those who have been around, but she believes
in the yet untapped potential in women. She is living proof that social norms hold no meaningful

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Real Estate With Beal Properties

Living in the Chicago area can be a little different. There is a lot of hustle and bustle. Living in Chicago brings out unique personalities in everyone. There is friendliness and warmth in the air most of the time, but in the winter time it is often bitter cold and unpleasant. 

Real estate in Chicago is always up and running. There is always something available. They are many different real estate companies in the Chicago area, but one of the biggest and most well known real estate groups is Beal Properties. 

Beal Properties have been offering real estate options in the Chicago area for over thirty years. Beal Properties owns a lot of properties all throughout Chicago. Owning so many properties is what helps them to continue growing their business

Beal Properties has a website set up that lists all of the properties that they have to offer. All of their properties are ready to go for their new owners. They offer everything there is to offer. 

Beal Properties is located in a great place to be successful in the real estate field. There are so many properties that they can list and more becoming available daily. More and more people continue moving to Chicago because it is a land of opportunity. Beal Properties is going to continue to grow their business and they are going to go really far into the future. They are going to continue to sell properties and gain a wonderful name for themselves throughout the years.

Getting Rid of Email Clutter with Unroll Me

We all face email clutter every single day, leaving our inboxes full and ourselves overwhelmed. This is why it is so important that you make use of a service like Unroll Me and use it to your advantage. There are lots of reasons for why so many people are using this service and are finding it to be one of the best choices for themselves to date. For one, Unroll Me is completely free and will not cost you a thing to use. This is helpful if you are on a budget but still know that you need to do something about all of the junk emails that you receive on a routine basis.

Along with the Unroll Me service being free, you are going to find that it is easy and quick to use. It takes just minutes for the Unroll Me scanner to go through thousands upon thousands of emails that would otherwise take you days or weeks to do on your own. Once scanned, Unroll Me gives you a list of all of the subscriptions you belong to and the ability to unsubscribe right then and there without having to click through every single email. This is why Unroll Me has become one of the fastest-growing email cleaning services to date. The service is easy to use and can be highly beneficial to those who want to take control of their lives and their inboxes.

You simply need to go to the Unroll Me site and make use of one of their free scans. The scan is easy to use and can be highly beneficial for individuals who would like to be able to use it for themselves. Now is the time for you to take a look at Unroll Me and see just how different it is for you. It has never been easier for you to go through thousands of emails without having to worry that you are wasting time or that it is taking you forever just to do what it would take Unroll Me minutes to achieve. Unroll Me is there to declutter and organize your life with ease.


The digital world has made our lives easier, but as they say, nothing comes free in this world. Digital media and it’s every other form has been in the use of every household as well as at the professional and commercial level. This means the problems associated with computers and data saved and processed needs some regular maintenance and up-gradation. Also, many problems are associated with the use of digital technology. Thanks to Robert Deignan, who came up with the ATS Digital Services to provide all the solutions to our digital problems. 

ATS Digital services were founded by Robert Deignan in 2011 with the vision of providing all the digital solutions to the clients that are approaching them. The company also offers some software, which helps in the maintenance of data for its clients. If your computer slows down, you don’t have to worry because ATS digital service is always at your disposal. The efficient service and provision of effective and impressive soft wares is the reason for which this company is considered as the most reliable one among others. 

Robert Deignan’s company is based in Miami, Florida but operates through the whole world because their clients belong to almost all parts of the world. Robert Deignan has done his graduation in the business administration and just after three years of his education, he ventured in a company with some other name. He did not find any luck in that venture and joined iS3. Finally, he decided to establish a software company and provide what we call now as digital solutions to clients from around the world.

For the last eight years, the company has provided digital assistance and solutions of millions of clients and many companies in the state as well as outside Florida. Miami is fortunate to have his company in hand, and one can always consult them on the go. The website claims to have a special connection with their clients and is successfully taking Robert’s vision throughout its journey of computers, internet, and connections. 

Can OSI Industries Handle The Demands of Today’s Food Industry

Everyone has to eat in order to survive whether you’re eating top-of-the-line cuisines or microwavable foods. It’s safe to say that the food industry won’t be going out of business any time soon and for good reasons. OSI Industries, one of the leaders in food manufacturing, has been on top of its game over the past few decades. The American-based food giant has at least five facilities in the US as well as 60 other facilities on the international market. Whether it’s value-added food solutions or its traditional goodies, this company has produced them all. OSI Industries has a resume of success, and the company can attest to this via its long list of satisfied clients. The company started with the production of meats. As consumer consumptions evolved, this meat market would transition into a wholesaler of foods. Learn more about OSI at

The year 2019 has caused the food industry to make another shift as the rise of plant-based foods has come into the picture. These alternative-bred foods are reported to be much healthier than many traditional foods, and they taste just as good. OSI has teamed with a newbie by the name of Impossible Foods. Despite being relative new to the game, Impossible Foods has one of the hottest products that hit the scene in 2019. The meteoric rise of the Impossible Burger has taken the public by surprise thanks to its meat-like taste. Yes, this plant-based product is a meatless burger. Since 2018, the Impossible Burger has been served in select markets to see how the public would react. Fortunately, the Impossible Burger was a hit.

Impossible Foods will utilize the production and processing strength of OSI Industries since OSI has the capability to mass-produce the burgers effortlessly. OSI Industries will certainly benefit by change as well as benefit by sales since the market is set to explode in growth over the next few years. Visit

How to Make Use of the ViSalus Challenge

With so many people wanting to lose weight, it has never been easier to meet your goals than with ViSalus. The reason so many people flock to ViSalus is because of their “Body by Vi 90-day Challenge”. You simply create an account, track progress, buy their products and meet your weight loss goals.

You then get paid for all of the weight that you have lost, and the more weight that you lose, the more money you are able to make for yourself. This is a great way to stay as motivated as possible while trying to get fit and healthy.

ViSalus is based out of Italy and Los Angeles, and they have worked regularly to improve the services and programs that they offer. What this means for you is that you can get to lose the weight that you want by using a program that has worked time and time again.

In fact, millions of people have already lost weight thanks to ViSalus. It’s a program that works and because you are getting paid to lose weight, you are more likely to stick with it and know that you are doing something beneficial for yourself.

Losing weight is one of the best things that you can do for your health, especially if you’re overweight or obese. You will feel better and look better, and you’ll be able to avoid many of the weight-related disorders and diseases that come with being heavy. See This Page for additional information.

Rather than trying to do all of the work on your own, it is nice to know that you have the backing of ViSalus as well as an enormous support group that you can connect with online at any time. You will lose that weight, get paid and know that you have done something that is so beneficial for your body. Go Here for additional information.


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Jack Plotkin

Jack Plotkin: The Past, Present, and Future of Medicine

There have been a lot of different medical innovations throughout the history of medicine but it seems telehealth may be one of the most helpful ones yet. As Jack Plotkin explains, telehealth is the process of consulting with your local physician without having to be in the same physical space as them. While it is commonly used by people with limited mobility, it can theoretically be used by anyone who can afford it. Of course, these types of procedures don’t come cheap and none of the insurance companies have agreed to subsidize it. This includes Medicare and Medicaid but that hasn’t stopped people from thinking society will find a way to make this a mainstream procedure one day. Back in the day, they had to work the telephone to use the system.

Jack PlotkinAs the patient tried to explain how exactly they were feeling under the weather, the doctor would then try to determine what type of condition they may have contracted. It’s not hard to see why this particular method was nothing short of ineffective but it has gotten much simpler thanks in no small part to the advent of wearable health technology such as the Fitbit. These kinds of devices are capable of tracking your health stats and sending this data directly to your doctor’s lab for analysis. Sometimes, however, the doctors find their access to the necessary electronic medical records to be rather restricted making it more difficult for them to do their jobs.

Fortunately, Jack Plotkin has just the answer to this problem and it is commonly known as virtual health. If properly executed, this new platform will combine the EMRs with the rest of the medical database so they can access this data whenever they need it. In the future, it will hopefully become readily available.