Susan McGalla, Helping Women Become Leaders

Susan McGalla is a business woman who was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Susan McGalla is very well known because she has gained success by doing what most women are not able to do and that is gain executive positions in large male dominate companies.

Susan has had several leadership positions throughout the years in large companies. Some of these companies include American Eagle Outfitters and an executive position with the Pittsburgh Steelers as well. For Susan earning these positions were not a piece of cake; however, she just decided to work as hard as she could so that she could reach her goals.

Gender and ethnicity diversity is very important. Many students have shown that businesses that have gender diversity are almost 20% more likely to do better than businesses that does not have gender diversity. Studies have also shown that businesses with ethnicity diversity are almost 40% more likely to do better than businesses that are only ran with one race. Even though these statics have been published it is still hard to create businesses that are diverse because of some people’s mindsets. It is especially difficult for women to hold executive positions since males are less likely to place women into these positions.

Susan McGalla believes that it is important to create diversity in the work place. There are many women who cannot figure out how to enter executive positions. Susan advises those women to find a professional sponsor. Having a sponsor will give you as a women better opportunities to have better positions. Your sponsor will be able to communicate with the employee to inform them what your are capable of doing. Sponsers will help employers give you assignments to prove your self as beings a strong leader. If you are a women who is serious about your career, locate a sponsor!

Sheldon Lavin Is A Visionary Of Food Manufacturing

Sheldon Levin began his business career in the banking industry. He was an investor with his own consulting firm. His background does not suggest that he would become one of the most influential persons in the history of food manufacturing. However, Sheldon Lavin continues to lead his organization and make the kind of decisions that affect the entire landscape of his chosen industry. He is currently OSI Group’s CEO. OSI Group is the largest meat manufacturer in the world with plants in the Asia-Pacific, the Americas and European region.

Sheldon Lavin first became involved with OSI Group when it was known as Otto and Sons. Otto and Sons was a family-owned organization that began as a meat market in the early 1900s. Its founder ran the business with his sons and developed the company over the decades. It became a premier distributor of meat products in the Chicago area. Otto and Sons formed a relationship with the McDonald’s Corporation when Ray Kroc was looking to spread his restaurant chain into the Illinois region. Kroc needed a meat manufacturer that he could count on for the area and chose Otto and Sons for the job.

Over the years Otto and Sons set themselves apart from the other meat manufacturers that McDonald’s was using. They were eventually chosen by the leaders at the McDonald’s Corporation to be the sole provider of meat for the entire McDonald’s Empire. The company would need a new processing plant to support such a business venture. However, the founders of Otto and Sons did not have the funding for the facility. Sheldon Lavin was brought in as a consultant, and to oversee the financial aspect of building a new plant. As he continued to work with the company Sheldon was requested by the McDonald’s Corporation to be more and more involved with the transactions. Lavin agreed to become a partner only if he would have equal say in the decisions like the other owners of the organization.

Sheldon Lavin eventually became a full-time partner with Otto and Sons. The company started making overseas investments under Lavin’s leadership. The original founders settled into retirement and sold their interests to Sheldon Lavin. At this point he became the primary visionary of Otto and Sons, which then became known as OSI Group.

OSI Group has developed an international clientele for its product. The company has contracts with several other major restaurant chains such as Pizza Hut, Papa John’s Pizza, Starbucks and Subway. It has a diverse hiring practices that allows it to maintain a staff of over 20,000 employees.

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Professional Brazilian Rally Driver Michel Terpins

Michel Terpins was born into a family that has a passion for sports and athletic achievement. His father, Jack Terpins, was a basketball player in the 1960s and 1970s, and his brother, Rodrigo, is his race car driving partner. Together, Michel and his brother, along with the other members of their team, participate in a big speed racing competition in their home country of Brazil known as the Sertoes Rally every year.

This race car driving contest attracts many competitors and fans each time it’s held, and the Terpins brothers are two of its most successful drivers, having won a big number of the rallies since they first started their career in the sport of racing. Having began his Sertoes Rally participation back in 2002, Michel Terpins gained the type of driving skills that led him to become one of the rally’s most decorated competitors.

His first race in the Sertoes Rally was in the motorcycle category, and he went on from there to compete in the Cross Country Rally in 2015, where he won 2nd place. This was also the year that he and his friend Maykel Justo formed a driving team that they named the Bull Sertoes Team, which is considered to be one of the competition’s best driving groups. The drivers, which included his brother Rodrigo, ended up winning the 2nd stage of the race that year. After their win, Michel stated that this stage of the race had been very difficult and exhausting due to all the mountainous road they had to conquer.

For this 24th edition of the Sertoes Rally, which is Brazil’s largest off-road racing event, the Bull Sertoes team used a vehicle named T-Rex that had a V8 engine added to it to make it powerful enough to travel over all the rough terrain they had to get through in order to complete the race. Winning first place in this rally added another well-earned accolade to Michel Terpin’s collection. Being that he spent much of his childhood learning how to fix cars, he seemed to be destined for the type of sport he chose to pursue.

About Shiraz Boghani

Shiraz Boghani is an award-winning hotelier who serves in the hospitality industry. He is the chairman and founding partner of Sojourn Hotels LLP. Besides being a successful businessman, Mr. Shiraz has also dedicated himself to participating in charitable organizations where he is a co-founder and managing partner of Sussex Health Care Limited.

What’s more, Mr. Shiraz is a generous character who plays an important role in most of the charitable organizations in his community. Equally important, his voluntary actions on helping the community have seen him hold many senior positions in many charitable organizations.

Shiraz Boghani’s Career and Accomplishments

Mr. Shiraz Boghani’s success as an entrepreneur stems from his zeal towards his work. He is highly recognized as one of the best hoteliers and was recently awarded as the Hotelier of the Year at the Asian Business Awards 2016. Mr. Shiraz’s journey in the business started in the 1990s when he began to develop the limited service branded hotels in London. Consequently, his business grew due to employing a growth strategy that was geared to the vision of the business.

Moreover, Mr. Shiraz is a chartered accountant but had a greater passion for the hotel business which drove him to pursue a career in hospitality industry. Again, he is the current chairman of the splendid hospitality group which has 20 trading hotels including the stylish £121m Hilton London Bankside, the York and holiday inn London- Wembley, the Grand Hotel & Spa among others. Mr. Shiraz has nearly 30 years’ experience in the industry and is still undertaking more projects.

Mr. Shiraz’s involvement with Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare is a support home that is located in the United Kingdom. The home which was co-founded by Shiraz Boghani in 1985 has a total of 24 homes and with over 1100 staff. The home provides various services that include basic care for older people, care for adults with physical or learning difficulties and individuals with neurological disabilities. Furthermore, Sussex Healthcare is an award-winning group and with over 25 years of healthcare provision.

In addition, as a co-founder and one of the chairmen at the home, Mr. Shiraz is greatly involved in Sussex Healthcare programs. Mr. Shiraz is visionary and just like in his hotel business he directs the same leadership principles in order to meet the Sussex Healthcare objectives. The staffs of Sussex Healthcare are warm and qualified to give special care and quality person-centered services.

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Honest Review On The New Crystal EOS Lip Balm

If it weren’t for the need for skin, I would forfeit mine because of the direct need for exclusive products to avoid rashes and sensitive skin. Trips to the dermatologist started costing a fortune and going all-natural was my only option. I put the least amount of chemicals on my skin to avoid those unsightly rashes. Then, when I needed a lip balm, it had to be organic and I heard all about the EOS brand. Beauty care magazine Pop Sugar says, millions of products have been sold as a trusted brand without a logo and they were completely hypoallergenic.

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I opted for the new EOS Crystal line because its based with wax-free vegan ingredients with essential vitamins and antioxidants. I also love the unique flavors that come in dual packaging that always gave me a spare. I had noticeably softer lips in under 30 days and could pamper my senses with aromatherapy. You can get a relaxed blend of ingredients known to fortify your skin and provide protection against arctic temperatures, you may also refer here on In fact, I live in the Northern territory which is always cold. I recommend their EOS lip balm for anyone with sensitive skin and looking for products reasonably priced at under $5.

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Todd Lubar, Making Profits While Unlocking People’s Business Potential

A real estate investor, Arthur Becker graduated from Bennington College and has also is a former Dartmouth College student. He started out a stockbroker working for Stearns and Co. Todd Lubar was to later become the company director. Mr. Becker has also tried his hand in macadamia farming, owning a farm in Hawaii at one time. He then became CEO for Navisite, which Time Warner bought from him for $230 million. Mr. Becker has also owned a sports binocular company before joining Zinio, which he left to invest in real estate.

Inspirery Interview with Todd Lubar

He recently interviewed Todd Lubar and questioned him about his secret to success as professional, where he began and what keeps him going. Mr. Lubar owed his success to hard work, referral jobs from happy clients and having self-belief in one’s capabilities. His desire to help others achieve their business goals and dreams saw him set up TDL ventures. The most difficult decisions he always faces is opting to leave his family behind to attend to work matters. On what satisfies him about his work, Mr. Lubar attributed his most satisfying moments to seeing clients build businesses from scratch and have them thrive. It is that feeling of satisfaction that motivates him. Check out his page

Todd Lubar

He is TDL Venture’s president and holds a senior Vice president post at Legendary Ventures. He graduated from Syracuse University with B.A and started out at the Crestar Mortgage where he worked for five years till 1999. Todd Lubar then moved to the Legacy Financial group where he worked between 199-2005 before becoming a Senior Vice President at Charter Funding. Mr. Lubar has had companies in diverse industries which include real estate and recycling. He has also been involved with demolition and nightclubs. For many consecutive years, Mr. Lubar has been ranked in the top 25 US mortgage originators. His vast business experience and desire to help others achieve in business is what led him to form TDL Ventures. Through TDL Todd has offered a helping hand to those wishing to grow their business but face hurdles. TDL Ventures partners with them to clear the business hurdles.

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Does White Shark Media Help Their Clients With SEO?

White Shark Media is a well known pay per click management agency. Some of their clients have requested that they offer search engine optimization services. They do not do so, at least not yet. For now, they are concentrating their efforts on making sure that their pay per click services are the best in the industry. At the same time, they are very knowledgeable about search engine optimization. If you are looking for an SEO agency, then you can go to them and get advice from them. Your strategic advisor would be able to look at your search engine optimization plans and give you some guidance.

Another thing that some customers wanted was to be able to switch their strategist. Some customers would sign up with someone who they liked, but the transition period often turned out to be tough. After all, this happens all the time. To fix the issue, White Shark Media now assigned senior consultants to stay with every client after they sign up. They are not as involved as the strategists, but they are there for the client if they need any help or if they need something during the transition period.

Another complaint was that White Shark Media was creating campaigns on their existing account. For half a decade already, White Shark Media has started to create new accounts for their clients so that they can start from scratch and see personalized reports. Of course, if clients already had Adwords campaigns that were successful, they keep those campaigns on their old Adwords accounts.

Some clients realized that most of their customers came over the phone. That is why White Shark Media partnered with a company to provide call tracking. This lets businesses know which calls are coming as a result of their Adwords campaigns.

EOS Lip Balm – New Vegan Options Review

Evolution of Smooth, a popular manufacturer of lip balm products has introduced a new line of vegan flavors recently. Their new formulations include vitamin e, coconut oil, and bees wax alternatives. Based on, the new vegan crystal flavors are unique and offer a range of options for the new market segment that EOS hopes to gain a foothold in.

EOS first introduced their round pods to major convenience stores and markets almost seven years ago. Their goal was to make the process of applying lip balm more fun for women. They wanted to add some excitement and gratification to the daily routine that many women have when it comes to moisturizing. Their initial campaigns were a great success, as the round pods flooded the market. Online testimonials as well as celebrity endorsements helped further their cause, as EOS overtook Chalp Stick and other major manufacturers of lip balm products.

Evolution of Smooth is unique when compared to other major brands for several reasons, hop over here. They were founded with an emphasis on providing women with fun and interesting ways to moisturize. Rather than being founded by a conglomerate or personal care goods giant, EOS was small and wanted to focus on what made customers happy.

Their new launch offers organic alternatives and addresses incumbent needs from the vegan population. Not only are EOS products effective and designed with sustainable practices, but their company objectives and values stand apart from major retailers and manufacturers. Their continued commitment to giving people multiple options that are healthy and fun to use has helped EOS take the market by storm. Their latest line of vegan products was sold out online within the first day, see also As they grow to include larger markets, EOS has benefited from brand recognition to a great degree. The unmistakable round pods are one of a kind and have been featured in numerous television shows, commercials and online.

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EOS Purity Plus Lip Balm Review

It is taking all the stores by a storm. When you find a product like EOS you have hit the jackpot. EOS has become a household name in lip balm and who would have thought they would come out with new flavored vegan lip balms. The new lip balm is flying off the shelves due to the big demand. Some people are not able to enjoy the regular lip balm due to some ingredients. You can understand the excitement of finding a good product that delivers to a wider global audience.

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EOS vegan lip balm has a see-through formula and the products are organic and completely free from animal by-products. They have the same beautiful packaging but have eliminated beeswax from the formula. The wax-free balm has two great vegan crystal flavors, Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach. The lip balm is enriched with jojoba oil and vitamin E making softer and smoother lips. The company is working on developing new vegan flavors.

There will always be a demand for a lip balm like EOS. It is like eye candy and delivers what is promises, find out more here on There is a loyal following and now the vegetarian audience can enjoy all the benefits of this great lip balm.

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What’s New For (EOS) Evolution of Smooth?

Evolution of Smooth has done it again. This brand has grown dramatically since its inception, and it has brought new life to the lip balm industry. EOS’s Vegan Crystal lip balms are the most popular lip balms of today. One of the product’s best features is that it’s see-through. That’s right! These lip balms are completely different from any other product in its class. Reports show that the new Crystal lip balms have created a stir of emotions within the industry, view here. The product has actually sold out on its opening day and that speaks volumes. Since the lip balms are organic, and they don’t posses any animal byproducts, they’re completely safe to use on a consistent basis. As of now, the only flavors are Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid. Of course, this brand will definitely introduce more flavors to the market in the near future.

Unlike the competitors’ lip balms, EOS products are full of life and personality. Gone are the days of flavorless lip balms. According to, some of the most popular celebrities have been spotted applying EOS’s products in public. This would include Demi Lovato, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and Kim Kardashian. The company does a wonderful job of marketing. Though anyone is more than welcome to purchase the products, EOS specifically focuses on marketing to Millennials. The fan base here is rather large as it has turned into a cult-favorite. EOS’s social media presence is outstanding as its Instagram account has more than 1.8 million followers, and its Facebook account has up to 7 million followers.

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EOS has found a winning solution, which can’t be disputed or duplicated. As of today, the brand sells at least 1 million units on a weekly basis. For those who are interested in purchasing the products, you can find them at Walgreens, Walmart, Target and CVS.

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