Jeunesse Global and Kids Foundation Win Honors

Jeunesse Global is a community of members that sell wellness merchandise. The leaders of the company, Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray, have been developing and researching skincare, hair, and nutrition for a decade. The work has been paying off. The company is winning awards and recognitions for its products, designs, and effort. A leading officer, Scott Lewis, commented that the recent honors from the Communicator brought Jeunesse Global into the spotlight with other notable businesses, such as Forbes.

The Communicator not only honored Jeunesse Global’s products, but they recognized the company’s efforts in the community. Many people may not know that this beauty business focuses on more than just health and wellness, but they also contribute to charitable organizations. Jeunesse Kids is their own foundation. The goal of the nonprofit is to help children in all countries. Some types of things they sponsor are education and food programs. A video that demonstrated the work a Jeunesse Global team did in India won a Distinction trophy. The movie was only a sample of what the program does. It showed the leaders, Lewis and Ray, working side by side with mothers and fathers. Together they were building a new school with the foundation’s help. A scene showed the original building, which was a small room, and it was filled with children ready to learn.

The Communicator also honored a video production of the Jeunesse Global Expo, which again showed all of the leaders at work. In the Expo movie, the company shed light on new products and what they were bringing to the table in the coming year. To keep competitive, Jeunesse seems to be researching and finding new groundbreaking methods to improve the lives of the clients and team members. This production won the Excellence award, which is the highest honor from the communication’s company.

Other honors the wellness business took home included packing and print recognitions. The company’s YES system includes many products to enhance health and vitality, and some of the items were pulled out individually and honored, such as Reserve, a liquid nutritional supplement, and ReVita Blue, a powdered supplement.

Lightspeed’s Venture Capitalist: Ashley Brasier

Ashley Lightspeed always had an interest in projections, building, design and blueprints. The daughter of an architect, Ashley spent much of her youth and collegiate career at Duke drawing sketches of buildings the way her father did. She spent time abroad in Copenhagen and continued to build interest in blueprints, but the way she approached them would change. Shortly after graduating, she began working for Bain consulting firm. Here, she was able to get a taste for client oriented service but craved something more. She wanted to do something more future and tech involved. Something that could utilize her love of blueprinting. See more on Ashley at

After leaving Bain she was on to Thumbtack, the site that helps pair local people with specialists in their area such as contractors, plumbers, landscapers, etc. During her time with the company she served as Category Manager for the Weddings and Events section of the site. A fundraising event lead her to her first big brush with venture capital. The idea of looking ahead excited her and she soon left Thumbtack and attended Stanford GSB. While attending, she worked side consulting projects to financially support herself and hone her skills and passions. It was around this time that she found Lightspeed and took the dive into really helping entrepreneurs with their business models, looking at market trends and building blueprints for financial success. Now a member of the consumer investing team, Ashley works closely with companies in order to enhance their growth strategies. Just as she would draw blueprints with her father in her youth, as a career professional in venture capital, she now draws blueprints for companies’ success. Ashley Lightspeed has built her career upon the foundation of prototyping as a key to learn and adapt through change; helping companies and their leadership thrive and become healthier and more profitable.

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Bennett Graebner The Chosen One of Reality Television

To be chosen in the entertainment world is to be effective and Bennett Graebner is just that one. With a diverse background of experience from Vassar college to film school and beyond, Bennett Graebner has embraced many roles and positions in the production field. Along the way his climb up the ladder of success included duties mastering grip work cameras and support equipment before taking the necessary steps upward to higher and more coveted positions within the production industry.


Due to Graebner’s experience with hands on duties he bears a truly complete understanding of all facets of behind the scenes execution that make a television team successful. Production has many moving parts that keep the team running and who better than Graebner to find a way to keep this in motion effectively while minimizing any undue stress on the production team (Vassar).


After all the strict timelines and deadlines are never far from his mind as well as the creative vision. Adding to his gift is an eye not only for detail but lighting and framing which are paramount to his craft. With a resume that includes hits such as The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad and Love at First Kiss it is clear to see that Graebner has the golden touch as it deals with love and the search for it. The reality television world is red hot right now and Graebner has his hands in the fire of success especially among the demographics of 18-34 year olds. 


Awards have been added to his trophy case from BMI Film and Television, ASCAP Film and Television. Also,Bennett won a Teen Choice Award among others. He says that storytelling whether scripted or not are fall under the same ideas and principles. There is a story line, character, creative drama and a conclusion if done correctly. The story will fail without the connections between actual people and that is the unique beauty reality television holds. In this ultra-competitive world of entertainment Bennett Graebner continues to be the one with vision to make television storytelling relevant and fresh.

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Who Is Igor Cornelsen?

With the news today, many investors worry when it comes to investing in Brazil. According to a source, Brazil’s economy declined by eight percent in January 2017 when compared to the end of 2015. One man still believes Brazil is a gateway for successful investments.

Igor Cornelsen

In an article, Mr. Igor Cornelsen was said to be born in 1947 in Curitiba, Brazil. It says that during his college years, he was admitted to the Federal University of Parana school of engineering but later changed his course to economics. Later, Igor Cornelsen graduated in 1970 with a degree in economics.

History In The Making

The article continues to discuss Igor Cornelsen’s work history. After graduation, he landed a job as an investment banker at Multibanco. Due to his exceptional skills, Mr. Igor Cornelsen quickly became a rising star. In 1976, he became the CEO of Multibanco until 1978.

New Horizons

After leaving Multibanco, (which was later acquired by Bank of America) Mr. Igor Cornelsen joined an investment firm called Unibanco until 1985. Post Unibanco, he moved on to become an investment advisor at London Merchant Bank (which was later “re-branded” to Libra Bank PLC). Due to its success, he served on the board of directors for seven years and also became the company’s representative for Brazil. Next in the article, it states in 1995 Igor Cornelsen founded The Bahamas based company, Bainbridge Investment Inc. To this day, he provides leadership and his expertise to Bainbridge Investment Inc.

The article goes on to discuss his expertise and abilities when dealing with investment strategies and ideas. In it, it goes a little deeper about how his extensive knowledge about economics paved his way to successful investment ventures. The article ends with a tiny bit about his personal life. It describes that Mr. Igor Cornelsen goes golfing and that his day starts “off early in the morning”.

Laerte Codonho

Laerte Codonho is a Brazilian marketing expert. Laerte Codonho is perceived for making and running Dolly. Dolly is a soft drink affiliation. The most acclaimed item is Dolly Cola which contends with coca-cola. It works extensively inside the Latin American country. The organization was set up in 1987. It’s been 26 years now. The association got thought to fit from its start by technique for being the fundamental fragile refreshment creator to pass on a sustenance plan soda pop to home markets. Laerte Codonho set to work with an examination group to separate the security of fixings huge for one of this refreshment. 

In the wake of triumphing support from the specialists, Laerte releases guarana soda pop, spearheading a trail for the perfect business. The operator is likewise commonly known for his publicizing and promoting capacities and has used them to initially-class impact to now not handiest development his undertaking’s picture, in any case also to fight uncalled for practices by methods for worldwide associations. 

Tries toward the last intrigue have secured work with the countrywide media and open cautioning announcements. Laerte Codonho is in like way accountable for the presence of Dollynho, the affiliation’s mascot which has gotten affirmation each at home and abroad. The report of Dolly’s climb to notoriety has been exquisite. It has moreover been overburden through an advancing battle with Coca Cola (Istoe).

As shown by way of Laerte Codonho, as his affiliation was given in reputation it commenced to logically draw income using the greater smooth drink association. As this truth ended up apparent, for Laerte Codonho, Dolly started to revel in jumps at some point of the council, felony system, and buyer markets. Some little bit of advancing warfare in the courtroom, those styles of green obstacles to Dolly’s achievement is harking back to past infringements. 

As universal associations conventionally method more huge budgetary and real sources than personal institutions, the incredible contenders have sometimes used that method to intrude in business regions absurdly. These impedances have realized criminal claims, dwindled bits of the pie, and even indebtedness.


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Andrey Andreev Has Astonishing Record of Business Development Success

Andrey Andreev is a Russian born businessman that started his first company at the age of 21. Having tried to focus on studies at a local college, while working at an advertising and public relations company, Andrey Andreev stopped his studies, formed his first business in 1995. His first company was an online store for computers and computer accessories. That same year he relocated to Spain, although he would split time between Russia and Spain. 

His first company was named Virus and Andreev sold Virus in 1997 for an unknown amount. In 1999 Andreev formed a new company called SpyLog. SpyLog is a web tracking company that helps track visits to a site, as well as site user interests. In 2002 he formed Begun, which is a contextual advertising firm. His majority in the company was sold in 2004 to Finam, and in 2008 Google purchased Begun for $140 million. 

Around the time of the Finam acquisition, Mamba was founded. Andreev’s Mamba would become the most popular Russian dating site. In 2006 Finam took another majority ownership in one of Andreev’s companies by partnering with to become majority owners of Mamba. That same year Andrey Andreev launched Badoo. With more than 360 million registered users, Badoo is the largest social network. Operating in 190 countries it generates more than $150 each year. 

Badoo has offices in London and Moscow. Whitney Wolfe, co-founder of Tinder, partnered with Andreev in 2014 to form Bumble. Bumble is an online dating service that is designed with women in mind. The Russian native that now lives in London has a net worth of $2.4 billion. His worth increased by $1 billion in the first three months of 2019 alone. In 2018 he was listed for the first time by Forbes as a billionaire. 

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Robert Deignan as a Long Time Technology Entrepreneur

Robert Deignan is a longtime technology professional and entrepreneur. He is the founder and top executive of a leading anti malware company called ATS Digital Services. Before starting his own business, Robert worked in the technology industry where he was a member of a company that sold anti malware software to consumers. Prior to working in the technology industry, Deignan played in the National Football League for a couple of seasons in the late 1990’s. He also attended Purdue University and completed a bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership. 

After working in the technology sector, Robert started up a company called ATS Digital Services. This company specializes in providing remote services for eliminating malware. Instead of installing software, the company provides anti malware solutions that are given to consumers from an outside location. As a result, they will not have to worry about having malware prevent the software from being installed. 

In a recent discussion about technology, Robert talked about how you can improve your relationship with it. He said that it was important to keep a few things in mind whenever you are actively using technology. Deignan mentioned that you will need to focus on using one screen at a time, understand that technology can change your thinking and also that it can be addictive. 

When using technology, it is important to use one screen at a time. Using one screen at a time allows you to limit distractions and focus on a particular task. Therefore, anytime you use technology, aim to limit your screen use to only one so that you can be more productive. 

Another thing to keep in mind about technology is that it can change the way you think. Things such as emails, text messages and notifications can alter your focus. As a result, you will likely get distracted and begin to think about other things. However, if you limit the amount of messages that you receive, you will be able to maintain your focus and continue thinking about the things that will make you most productive. 

Technology can be addictive and it is therefore important to limit its use. It is widely known that technology is designed to be addictive and people can therefore get too involved with it. To prevent an addiction to technology, focus on using it only when you need to instead of it being a major part of your daily life.

Incorporating BetterWorks into Four Practices that Help Managers Achieve OKR Success

Solid management is the cornerstone of any OKR program’s prosperity. Leaders have many responsibilities. Here are four ways that managers can make sure that all employees understand the path to success for the company.

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1. Set Team Priorities

As a manager, it is essential to develop clear team strategies. To meet company objectives, communication is key. Each individual employee should understand his or her role.

2. Monitor Progress

A vital role of any manager is monitoring employee progress at close intervals. Holding reviews a few times a year is not prudent. This makes it difficult to nip problems in the bud and to reward employees who consistently excel. It is smarter to conduct weekly reviews. Also, it is important to have a way of notifying and alerting employees of updated goals.

3. Communicate Effectively

Throughout the monitoring process, communication is fundamental. It is wise to deal with each worker on a one-on-one basis. In this manner, employees can ask questions and receive personal feedback. When an employee understands the importance of his or her role in a company, morale is boosted.

4. Motivate

A manager has the duty of achieving quarterly OKRs. However, to keep employees productive, a leader must provide adequate motivation. He or she must coach employees and make them feel appreciated. Positive feedback keeps everyone on the right path. Also, acknowledging growth and offering support makes employees strive to do better.

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BetterWorks, a continuous performance management solution, allows leaders to accomplish OKR success. It was designed to provide a company with top organizational tools and meaningful data so that operations run smoothly. Its unique features help businesses set goals and keep teams on track into the long-term. It is an excellent idea for any growing company.

The Modern Business Generation with Max Salk

From sea to sea and around the world, the globe is more connected than ever before. An individual on one side of the planet can easily talk with someone else half a world away in seconds. This has allowed for ideas to be shared rapidly, and spur the modern technology revolution. However despite this rapidly changing world, Max Salk has opted to live in his own bubble. He finds no reason to rush things and would rather take it one day at a time. Max Salk recently expanded on how this outlook has helped him grow in a recent Positive the Facts article.

Max Salk takes everything at his own pace. Despite the better technology on the market, he still prefers using the classic last generation iPod. His mindset embodies the concept of not fixing what is not broken. His professional career is split between being involved in business, while at the same time practicing his photography skills. During a visit to the Netherlands he choose to take a morning walk in the fog. The weather conditions may not have been ideal, but he still brought his camera along anyways. It turned out that a foggy scene with greenery in the background was the shot of a lifetime for him. Max Salk still regularly showcases this photo.

This incident is a classic example of preparation. Max Salk doesn’t mean preparing in the modern sense, but rather in the unexpected sense. On that fateful day, he took his camera along just in case something happened. Max Salk wanted to have everything in place at any given moment. Similarly, adaptability is just as important for a business leader. Max Salk has to consider his shot composition in terms of angle, lighting, and even tiny details that are not known until that moment. A business leader must be able to make the most of any situation.

By taking life at his own pace, Max Salk is able to capture each moment with more power. He understands that his passion will resonate with viewers even if he publishes just a few high quality shots.


De-clutter Your Inbox With Unroll Me

One of the troubles of email is receiving flooded with unsolicited messages like notifications from social media accounts, special offers, flight deals, coupons, and a lot more. Although we do not really want those, free offers are still free offers and most often we still want to read it, we just want it out of our inbox. With the app called Unroll Me, there is a better way on how to manage these unsolicited mails and read it in the future. 

What Is Unroll Me?

The Unroll Me app is a simple organization tool that enables you to take control of gray emails. These are emails that you do not really want but at times might be useful. Gray emails are usually from subscriptions services and most often clutter in your inbox and distracting you from focusing on more meaningful email. It is a free email service that combines subscription emails, newsletters, and other gray emails.

With Unroll Me, instead of getting 100 emails, you only get to see one summary email on your inbox. It keeps your inbox organized, de-cluttered, and enables you to see more meaningful messages. Interestingly, getting this free app is free and the controls to organize your inbox are insanely easy. 

How Unroll Me Works

To get this free web service app, you just have to go to the official website of the app and sign up there. This is to activate the email address where you want to use the app and allow Unroll Me to access it. The app works well with Google Apps Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, Windows Live, MSN, and AOL mail.

The Unroll Me app analyzes the messages coming in your email account. It also searches for subscriptions and brings to your attention everything that it discovers and allows you to do something about it through three options. Unroll Me enables you to either keep the email in your inbox, unsubscribe from the email, or move the email to Unroll Me Rollup. It also allows you to schedule when you can receive the emails that you moved to Rollup.

You can get these emails either in the morning, midday or at night. Interestingly, you can also schedule its arrival. You can set it monthly, weekly, or daily. These are very useful choices that can help you stay focused on a more important task in your inbox and makes you more proactive.