EOS Review: An Effective and Exciting Lip Balm

EOS or simply “Evolution of Smooth” is a skin and lip care brand that’s quickly taking over the planet. The company focuses on natural beauty products that also happen to be highly effective. It has a reputation for making lip balms that are organic. It’s known for lip balms that smell like a dream as well says usmagazine.com. EOS has even recently become part of the vegan beauty product universe. That’s due to the fact that it just recently launched a line of vegan lip balms. Since these flavors are vegan, they don’t include any types of animal byproducts. These crystal lip balms, true to their naming, are as clear as crystal. People who crave transparent formulas can’t stop purchasing these balms, browse products here. The same goes for people who don’t want to have anything to do with animal byproducts.

EOS has been a prominent name in the lip balm market for a few years. The company creates lip balms that suit all preferences, refer also to blogwebpedia.com. People who don’t want to be near parabens can rely on the brand’s offerings. People who aren’t fond of petrochemicals can depend on them all the same. EOS lip balms can even be fitting for people who have gluten sensitivities. If you have a gluten intolerance, you’ll love learning that EOS’ lip balms don’t include the substance in any way.

EOS can also be a blast for people who like choosing between interesting and fresh lip balm flavors. If you want to treat yourself to a natural lip balm that happens to possess a sweet taste that’s reminiscent of dessert, you’ll quickly fall for strawberry sorbet. Other enchanting lip balm flavors that are available include vanilla bean, honeysuckle honeydew, wild berry and sweet mint. If you yearn for moist, smooth lips and excellent flavor, EOS is your greatest lip balm bet.

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Fabletics: Online Shopping Made Efficient

There are very few fashion brands out there that break the mold of what traditional brands do to advertise and market themselves. Fashion brands usually go down the tried and tested path, and end up not standing out in the face of severe competition. Fabletics is one brand that has done everything that is not like fashion brands to do, which is precisely what has set them apart from other players in the market. Fabletics is a brand that sells activewear and leisurewear through their website. The brand first started selling clothes through their website in 2013 and since then have grown to become a fan favorite. Today, the brand has millions of customers all over the world, with a majority of them being in America. Fabletics takes great care to ensure that their customers are having the best possible shopping experience while they are on the Fabletics website and have gone to great lengths to ensure the efficiency of the experience that one has. The brand has implemented several optimizations and plans to make the process appealing and easier for the person on the other end of the screen. Because they have revolutionized the process of online shopping, more and more people are turning to this brand for their activewear needs as compared to previously big sports and activewear brands.


When it comes to the actual process of buying and selling their clothing, Fabletics has one of the most ingenious strategies in place. Unlike most brands, Fabletics sells their clothing and accessories through a subscription system. Similar to what magazines do, the brand has a monthly subscription which allows people to receive one or more sets of activewear per month, depending on the kind of plan that they go in for. This has made getting more sets of clothing extremely easy and a lot more accessible than it has ever been. Customers are reminded to go back to the site every month after their first purchase to select the new items that they would like to receive. This has made shopping a lot more convenient for the customers and saves them the time of searching for brands and products to buy from other marketplaces.


Customers who come to the Fabletics website for the first time are asked a few questions upon entering the site. The answers that customers give are read by the technology that is integrated into the website so that Fabletics can show their customers clothing options that are in tune to what they have specified. The site also keeps track of the products that one searches for, adds to their cart, and purchases, so that they can offer them products that are similar to those. This has made the process of selecting items a lot easier than it has ever been, which is a huge positive for the brand. People who opt for these selections don’t have to go through the extra effort that one would generally have to go through, which is also something that has drawn in a lot of customers.

Karl Heideck on compliance with the new car seats law

Attorney Karl Heideck is a lawyer who is very vocal on legal matters that happen in the state of Pennsylvania. As a lawyer, he has written extensively on various laws that have been passed in the state. Karl who has an experience of almost a decade working in the legal field understands the law of the state and therefore has a very clear interpretation of how they are to be implemented. Many people wait on his wise counsel on how they should comply with the laws. One of the laws that he has written on is the new car seats for children law. This is a law that was passed by the legislators in the state after the cases of children who were dying in road accidents was brought to the limelight.

From the statistics from the AAA, road accident remains a top cause of death for children of below than two years. Driven by this horrifying evidence, the legislators decided to come up with a law that will put preventive measures. The law requires that children of less than two years to have specially designed seats that fact the rear of the vehicle. While children are in the car, they are to be secured safely on the car seats.

The children’s law is to be exercised by every car owner in the state. Failure to observe the law will lead to a fine of $125. Although the law was passed in 2016, it became law in August 2017 since it had a grace period of one year, to allow car owners to comply with the directive.

The law also has a provision that deals with children who are less than eight years. According to the law, children of under eight years are to be secured in booster seats unless they weigh more than eighty pounds or are of 4’9 tall. Failure to comply with this provision will attract a fine of $75.

Karl Heideck advises parent in the state of Pennsylvania to comply with the law by ensuring that they have the right car seats that have been recommended by the law. He asks them to contact their car seats manufactures to ensure that the seats that they have are up to the standards demanded by the law. For the parents who have no ideas on the best seats to buy, Karl Heideck advises them to consult the NHIS. This is a body that releases yearly report on the best car seats available in the market.

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EOS Vegan Crystal Flavors: A Review

Vegan is the new ‘in’ thing. It isn’t just a status symbol, but more of a personal choice that shows compassion for animals and cares for the environment. Did you know that it isn’t just food that can be vegan, but also beauty products. The recently released EOS Vegan Crystal Flavors is the product you might be needing for your lip balm needs, refer here to see more amazing news at usmagazine.com.

The EOS brand has been consistently making waves and setting trends in the beauty market. Even more so when they released their new Vegan Crystal Flavors. They still come in the all-familiar pastel colored round containers, but what’s new to it is the balm itself which is–you know it–crystal clear. Currently they offer flavors such as Vanilla Orchard and Hibiscus Peach. Their ingredients are 100% vegan and contain natural nourishing oils for maximum hydration. The products are wax-free, toxin-free and paraben-free. They have the EOS guarantee–soft, lightweight smooth finish coming from a cute circular dispenser.

EOS, an acronym for “Evolution of Smooth” changed the game in the lip balm scene. What we initially thought could only exist in small tubes and plain flavors, is forever changed when the EOS lip balm product line was released. They may look like balls or orbs for that matter, which are not only cute, but functional. This design allows the products to glide smoothly over the lips with more precision and the circular dispenser is less prone to malfunctions which can ruin any makeup bag when products spill.

This unique look and quality lip balm flavors catapulted EOS to fame in the beauty scene, eventually outdid a popular brand Chapstick as a lip balm staple for millennials. One of the most common problems when using the traditional lip balm was the loss of the tube cap, or losing the lip balm entirely in women’s purses. Users also did not find lip balm products enjoyable. After several years of product research and development, they wanted to create something new in the line of lip balm products. Attractive to the senses, particularly sight and smell, quality ingredients in a competitive price. EOS quickly became a beauty favorite amongst the population, see thedermreview.com.

What’s next for EOS? We don’t know yet, but so far, so good. We are excited to see what EOS will do next as how we are excited to use our Vegan Crystal lip balms.

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How Seattle Genetics’ Clay Siegall Hopes to Change the World of Cancer Treatment

There is nothing that is more horrifying than a loved one dying from cancer, and being unable to do anything about it. This is the situation that Clay Siegall had to endure when he was a teenager. After his father fought a six-year-long battle with cancer, he finally succumbed, and in his observation, Clay realized that his father had not succumbed to disease itself and that it was the side effects of the chemotherapy that undid him. This is what made him get interested in looking for ADCs as an alternative cancer therapy. Clay, therefore, decided that he was going to study zoology, and after he acquired his bachelor’s degree in zoology, he pursued a Masters and PhD in genetics.

After school, he worked for some companies connected with medical research. There was a time when he was working with the National Cancer Research Institute. In 1998, he decided to consolidate the experience he had gathered and started his research center. He founded Seattle Genetics and has been running it for close to two decades now. Since its inception, Seattle Genetics has been working on the creation of ADCs or antibody-based Cancer therapies. These are therapies aimed at eliminating the need for chemotherapy and radiotherapy in cancer treatment.

The company has had its fair share of ups and downs when trying to change the way cancer treatment is administered. Clay admits that there was a time when their finances were so low that even getting salaries for the coming month for their employees was a challenge. However, he has been carrying out public and private funding campaigns, which has led to massive success. Their partnerships with companies such as GlaxoSmithKline have brought in millions of dollars for the company.

The company held its first IPO in 2001 and had been trading as SGEN on NASDAQ. The first of their ADC, Adcetris was approved by FDA about two years ago and has become one of the most popular antibody-based cancer therapy in the country and beyond. When asked about the way forward for Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall states that they are not planning or willing to sell out. He added that they expect to have the other treatments that they are still developing receive approval from the FDA. The company has come a long way in the improvement of treatment of cancer, and they are on the verge of transforming it completely.


Felipe Montoro Jens is a 49-year-old Chief Executive Officer of Energipar Captacao in South America. He received an undergraduate degree from Getilo Vargas. He has also obtained an International Management Masters degree from Thunderbird University in USA. He is a specialist in infrastructure projects and a strict leader. Felipe Montoro has skills and experience in the industry. He has worked in the finance department at Eron where he raised the company’s level significantly. Felipe had other affiliations with other businesses like Braskem SA, Santo Antonia energies SA and Concessionaria do Centro Administrative do Distrito Federal.

Felipe Montoro was invited to the discussion of the public-private partnerships since he was a member of the management council of the municipal program of partnerships. The subject of the debate involved Guaiba Water Park, sanitation projects and public market in the city of Porto Alegre. The mayor, Grand do Sul, said that the purpose of calling up the meeting was primarily to look for services which the government may seek partnerships with the private initiatives to create a better future for the people.

Nelson Marchezan proposed that by implementing PPPs, they could be able to counteract the financial crises in Brazil. He had to sign a 19786 decree for the suggested proposal to be regarded. It established the PROPAR/PO and the CGP. CGP primary role was to guarantee proper supervision of the projects to be structured. The PROPAR/POA was to evaluate reports on the implementation of the concessions and public-private partnerships.

The people who participated in the CPG did not acquire any remuneration due to the financial crises. Members of the partnership program were not allowed to participate or vote in cases of conflicting issue. Felipe significantly impacted the discussion due to his expertise in infrastructure projects, which he advised the group on.

Lime Crime Going Dark? Yes, With Dark Unicorn Hair Dyes

Squid. Charcoal. Sea Witch. Chestnut.

Ingredients for a magical potion to make everyone fall in love with you?

Well, sort of.

These are the names of a rockin’ new line of 100% cruelty-free, Vegan hair dyes from the one and only Lime Crime cosmetics. For some time now our beautiful brunette Unicorns have been clamoring for a hair color that will give them amped-up jewel-toned hair without having to strip away their own gorgeous darker hair color with harsh bleaches. As always, Lime Crime heard and obeyed.

In this new collection we have Sea Witch, a perfectly poisonous green shade; Charcoal, a smoky-sweet gray tone; Squid, a wickedly wonderful purple hue; and Chestnut, a deep, dangerous maroon color. All work beautifully on any hair color, but brunettes will be especially pleased with the total coverage they will receive with these unique dyes. The new line will make it’s debut on the Lime Crime website on October 24, 2017, and if the response is everything it’s expected to be, they may sell out in a matter of hours. Never fear though, because Lime Crime always puts it’s Unicorns first, and if Dark Unicorn hair dye is what they want, then Dark Unicorn hair dye they shall have.

And for those of you who will be looking for complimentary makeup shades to go with your rockin’ new hair, Lime Crime has everything you need. The Pocket Candy Palette colors double as both eye shadow and cheek colors, and the Diamond Crusher Lip Toppers add a burst of brilliance to any kiss! Whether you choose to let your gorgeous new hair take the spotlight, or you want to add some serious sparkle and vibrance to your new look, you will find exactly what you’re looking for at Lime Crime. Let your dark (unicorn) side come out to play!



The Importance of Diligence and Wasting very Little Time and How Lori Senecal is an Example of Such

For marketers, one of the most important factors in success is time. While it does stand to reason that no success occurs overnight, there is a factor of time when it comes to marketing. With marketing, the best thing to do is reach as many people in as short of a time as possible. In this case, it is important to make sure that a lot of work is done quickly in the form of advertising campaigns and marketing efforts. Lori Senecal is very good at that. This is one of the reasons that she is considered one of the most trustworthy advertisers in her industry.

When Lori Senecal has started running CP+B, the culture was much different. People have often spent a lot more time on small talk. However, Lori understood what the customers are there for. They need to get their business going and the profits coming in. For one thing, the businesses tend to either be making money or spending money. Many businesses are renting physical locations and need to keep up with their bills so that they can continue renting the facility. They can’t do this without gaining sales. In order to gain sales, they have to boost the traffic with advertising.

According to GCReport, Lori Senecal has a lot of understanding of time. She has used this understanding in order to change the culture of the company so that it is more efficient and focused on the task at hand. With all of the focus on the tasks, they can help the customer not only avoid having to downsize, but also gain enough capital to expand their business. This is one thing that Lori has had on her mind when she has taken over CP+B. She has not only wanted her company to be able to expand, but has also wanted the other companies to expand as well because of her efforts. She recently spoke at 3% conference.

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George Soros Extensive Giving to His Organization

It was recently reported of George Soros tremendous giving to his organization, Open Society Foundations. Over the past several years, he quietly gave funds costing over $18 billion dollars, and this knowledge was made public a few weeks ago. The Wall Street Journal first reported his organization’s donation figure. And as a result, the Open Society is known to be the second, biggest philanthropic organization, after the Bill Melinda Gates Foundation in the US. And in the coming years, Soros is expecting to give a minimum of $2 billion to his organization.

Soros is a major donor to the Democrats and their causes, and he is a billionaire, hedge fund manager. His organization was found over 30 years ago, and it promotes human rights and democracy in over 120 countries. Over the last few years, this organization increased attention in the United States by investing in programs that protect lesbians, gays, and the reduction of police abuse reduction.

Other situations this organization dealt with include the following: They gave funds to treatment centers when the Ebola outbreak occurred in 2014, to a center for Roma culture and art, and towards efforts in protecting the United States citizens from what is considered a hate incidents’ national wave that happened after the 2016 election. Soros then pledged $10 million to prevent such violence when the hate crimes subsided and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

Soros & His Organization’s Beginnings

As a young boy, Soros passion for philanthropy was instilled. Growing up in Hungary where the Nazis occupied, he saw and endured the Budapest being under Communist rule. He then lived in London and then the US. He found success in the US on Wall Street. He then gained the famous nickname, “the man who broke the Bank of England” when making a $1 billion bet in 1992 against the British pound, and his aggressive currency pound selling drove the government into devaluing the pound.

After significant growth of his fortune, Soros started the first Open Society Foundation in 1984 in Hungary. He derived the name of his organization from the book, “Open Society and Its Enemies” by Karl Popper, the philosopher. This book argued for free expression, democratic governance, and the respect for people’s rights and Follow him Twitter.com.

Soros gave his foundations annual donations for decades for approximately $800 to $900 million each year. His funding increased a few years ago partly as his estate planning.

Other Reference: http://www.forbes.com/profile/george-soros/

Karl Heideck on compliance with the car seat laws in Pennsylvania

In one of his regular news articles, Karl Heideck, a top lawyer Philadelphia explain the new car seat passed by legislators in the of Pennsylvania. The law was passed in an attempt to protect the lives of children on the roads. According to statistics by AAA, auto accidents are a leading cause of deaths to children. The highest victims are babies and small children. The law that was passed by legislators in the state of Philadelphia is meant to reduce child fatalities.

The new car seat law came into effect in August 2017. This was exactly one year after the law was passed in August 2016 but with a grace period of one year to allow car owners to comply with the law. The law requires that children of less than two years have specially designed seats which look towards the rear of the car. The backward facing sitting position makes it harder for children to break their fragile bones.

During the grace period of one year, police have been checking compliance of car owners, but no fines were charged to those who were yet to comply. Now that the grace period of a year is over, there are penalties that the law prescribes. For those who do not follow the two years and below law kid’s legal requirements, the charge is $125. The same law also covers another category of children. Children who are less than eight years are supposed to sit on booster car seats. The only exceptions for this category are for children who weigh more than eighty pounds and those taller than 4’9 and are below. Non- compliance with this second law attracts a fine of $75.

According to the advice by Karl Heideck, parents and car owners are supposed to ensure that they have complied with the law totally to avoid attracting fines. They should also ensure that they have seats from reliable car seats manufactures. Car owners can look for the best cars seats from a list released by the Insurance of Highway Safety, which makes annual releases on the best car seat.

Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is a practicing attorney with offices in the states of Philadelphia. He is one of the experienced lawyers in the city having been in practice for more than ten years. He is well educated in matters of law. He has a Juris Doctor from the Temple University Beasley School of Law. Karl helideck had earlier been to Swarthmore College where he graduated with a degree in English. This degree has been very helpful to him in his writings.

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