OSI Food Solutions: How to Build a Meat Empire for Dummies

Meat is on the rise. Fad diets, new scientific studies, and increased production leading to decreased cost has made meat the dominant food industry. With all of these people craving meat, how are companies meeting the demand? Well, one company based out of Illinois in the United States, is doing more than meeting the demand. OSI Food Solutions is building a meat empire.

Before OSI Food Solutions focuses on production or acquisitions — both of which it is a master at — OSI has a strong focus on safety. OSI won the 2016 Globe of Honor for Safety from the British Safety Council. This award isn’t easy to come by. To even be entered to win, the British Safety Council has to give you a perfect 5 stars during inspections. OSI scooped up the award from hundreds of competitors and hangs it proudly. OSI has been focused on safety for years before it was even a regulatory issue. OSI has safety inspections in and out of house, spends millions on safety training, and even has safety seminars at most of their 60 + factories.

Safety is important, but production is king when you are looking to satisfy so many hungry mouths. Production is a word that OSI Food Solutions is no stranger to. OSI has been rapidly ramping up construction recently. Recently, OSI purchased a food plant from Tyson in Chicago. This $7.4 million deal will see OSI massively increase Chicago production. But that production won’t only be chicken, OSI has equipped the factory to produce all forms of meat including pork and beef.

On the other side of the water, OSI made a massive upgrade to its Toledo, Spain factory. Massive is an understatement. The Toledo factory now produces an astounding 24,000 tons of chicken every year, almost double the 12,000 it was producing pre-upgrade. This became a necessity as Spain has been rapidly growing their chicken consumption habits over the years.

OSI Food Solutions is showing that safety and production may be two of the most important factors in the meat industry. The company which started out in 1909 in Illinois now bolsters a couple hundred thousand employees. An impressive number given their humble beginnings. If you were going to write a book for the Dummies series titled “How to Build a Meat Empire for Dummies” OSI Food Solutions could act as your one and only citation.


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