Nicolas Krafft Making L’Oreal Globally Ethical

L’Oreal is based in Paris and manufactures personal care products. The company puts ethics at the center stage of their practices and even holds an annual Ethics day. Ethics day is an opportunity for the company and its employees to ponder their commitment and teamwork in engaging in ethical practices. Nicolas Krafft holds the position of Vice-President of Global Business Development and holds to the L’Oreal philosophy on ethics. The company ensures that they maintain ethical approaches and do not take a reactive view to issues relating to ethics and ensure that their practices are ethical from square one.

The company bases its philosophy on four major principles that are courage, respect, transparency, and integrity. These principles direct the company’s charitable activities, their social responsibility, the environment, and innovation. They aim towards being respectful to the environment, human rights as well as the environment. During Ethics Day which Nicolas Krafft strongly supports employees all over the world take time to reflect on ethics. Ethics Day provides all employees a chance to air their concerns as regards ethics and how to deal with issues in their area of operation.

Employees that have questions can ask for answers from the senior management staff at the company such as Nicolas Krafft. During the 2018 event more than half of all the company’s employees got involved in discussions on ethics. The views held by L’Oreal are founded in the company’s internal systems that encourage employees to make public unethical practices and to make known their thoughts on various issues.

The personal care multinational has people working for them that advise managers on ethics and the company also encourages employees to speak up on inappropriate behavior through a website meant for whistleblowing. All employees are required to go through an online program to train them on ethics and the company also holds events such as Ethics day dedicated to ethics.

About Nikolas Krafft

Nicolas Krafft is the VP of Global Business Development at L’oreal. He started working at the company in 2004 and rose through the ranks to his current position. He attended the University of St. Gallen for his undergraduate studies.

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