My Favorite Makeup Products From Lime Crime

I really love makeup. Makeup lets me play around with my look each day. One day I can put on a formal look that is just right for my college classes. The next day I might pick out something that is right a date when I want something a little wilder. On weekdays, I look for makeup that is perfect when I’m at part-time job and I need to look sharp for our clients at the law office. So I look for places to buy makeup all the time.

Lime Crime

One of my favorite places to buy makeup is Lime Crime. Lime Crime has all kinds of fun products you can buy. I typically buy several makeup products each year. A friend of mine recommended that I check them out. She said they had all kinds of fun items. I’ve found this to be very true. I have a extensive list of products I like to buy there a few times a month.

Unicorn Lipsticks

Lipstick is one of most essential products for my look. I like to have a lot of lipstick around to help me have colors on hand for all occasions. Some of my favorite lipsticks of all time the unicorn lipsticks from Lime Crime. The ultra pigmented, semi-matte products are just perfect for the times when I want to make a fun fashion statement and be who I am. I really like how the softer colors of this line are subtle but still manage to stand out. I also like how there are so many colors available. I can pick and choose from shades including banana yellow, mint green, vibrant orange and Malibu pink. So if I’m feeling really in a feminine and girly mood one day I can have coral nude to wear. The next day, I might feel a little bolder. Then I would opt for the black. I also like the other kinds of lipsticks available in this line including the one with a slightly more vivid look. I know that I’m going to have a huge selection whenever I want from Lime Crime.

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