Marteen de Jeu Sharing His Knowledge with People from Different Backgrounds

Marteen de Jeu is a well-known and respected strategic business advisor. Some of the knowledge he has is natural where he is able to keenly understand about different business strategies. He is also well educated where he has an MBA from the University of Oxford and he was ranked first in his class. Over the years he has been able to build a very successful career in commercial real estate investment, international business and financial services. All these attributes show that he is an ideal person to guide businesses of different sizes on how to achieve success effectively.

Marteen de Jeu is the founder member and managing partner of SVM Business Advisory. At one time he was the co-chairman of the Science Spin program at the Meseum of Sconce and Industry (MSI). The primary objective of this particular program was to educate people who visited the museum about the bicycle’s history. MSI is the biggest science museum in western hemisphere and it uses its Farrell Fellows internship to guide teens in different aspects of science. The internship is usually held in summer where it runs for five weeks. Some of the topics taught include science, public speaking and leadership development. By the time the teens are completing the five weeks, they are able to present different scientific activities to their communities and to the museum itself. Learn more:

One of the most memorable events on this museum was in 2014 where forty teens worked together to present America’s Got Bubbles. The show sought to educate people about the bubbles’ chemistry. They visited seventeen different public libraries in Chicago. The participants took time to teach kids how to engineer carnival tents using newspapers and how to launch model rocked in a high strike game. 

The success of MSI and the scholarship it offers are partly credited to Marteen de Jeu. He has been working with big businesses and senior business leaders. He also works with community based programs to enlighten people including the youth. The importance of this is to give people an opportunity to integrate and learn new things which could help them both now and in the future.

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