Maarten De Jeu-High Profile Business Advisor And Financial Manager Based In Chicago

Maarten De Jeu is a successful business advisor in strategic financial services, international business, commercial investment in real estates and also in financial insurance. He also has an understanding of the cultural settings and global institutions in the international business network in Europe, North America, and Asia. Additionally, he has worked at fortune 100 companies as an advisor to the senior executives of the company. He also advises very high individuals with an enormous net worth on technology start-ups. Apart from that, he is known for making significant decisions and facilitating big projects for multicultural teams and multidisciplinary teams. He is a post-graduate of Oxford University and was highly recognized for his achievement of being ranked as a first-class honor.


Maarten De Jeu has an MBA in business administration from Said business school from the year two thousand and four to two thousand and five. However, from the year nineteen ninety-seven to two thousand and one, he was studying his masters in public administration from Leiden University. From the virtue of being ranked in the first class, he became very marketable immediately after school. He is multilingual as he can speak in different languages. He resides in the greater Chicago area in the United States where he also works. A spell out of his strongholds is competitive and market intelligence, corporate development, financial planning and modeling, leadership, and project management.


Jeu is the managing partner and founder of SVM business advisory. Before him founding his own company, he was working as a visitor’s guide on the history of bicycles in the museum of science industry as he was also chairing the science spins program. MSI is the largest science museum currently Located in the western hemisphere. Under the management of Maarten De Jeu, the organization is using Farrell fellow’s internship program in engaging the teens around Chicago in scientific learning. The internship program usually takes place during the summer seasons, and it happens for at least five weeks. The activities that take place include public speaking, leadership development, and science learning. After the learning program, the students are given a chance to showcase their interactive activities in science in their surrounding communities and also in the museum.


In the year twenty fourteen, around forty teens were registered to attend the America’s got bubbles. The show was very educative as viewers were taught about the chemistry of bubbles. The teens were also allowed to visit around seventeen public libraries in Chicago. Those who participated in the Farrell fellow’s initiative taught children to launch model rockets and engineer carnival tents on the high striker and from the newspapers respectively. Learn more:

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