Luke Lazarus: Consulting Wizard

 Luke Lazarus is a big proponent of the ‘grind.’ While he is only in his early 30s, Lazarus is an incredibly successful consultant in Australia. He prides himself on his ability to not waste a moment, as he believes that being busy is a key tenet of achieving and maintaining success.

Currently, Luke Lazarus is working as a consultant to start-ups and struggling businesses. His success and experience in the industry help him offer indispensable advice and guidance. Recently, Lazarus was interviewed about his process and methods for success in consulting.

When building a successful business plan, Luke Lazarus advises a balanced and realistic approach. Be hopeful in the idea, but also understand the limitations that may be present – whether they are financial limitations or otherwise. Realism helps a business achieve its goals, but it also helps sell the business idea to investors, which is critical for early capital. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO and Luke Lazarus | Business

When pitching ideas, it is important to create a story. Understand the journey of the product or service that the business is offering. Lazarus acknowledges that this can make or break an investor deal. He also states that illustrating the story of the business can make a presentation more compelling to investors, another bonus.

Another key tenant of Luke Lazarus’s consulting is helping businesses bring products into the market, which can be a difficult step for some. Because of his varied experiences, Lazarus understands market trends, changes, and what they mean. These predictions and understandings can also help the businesses he is working with. By understanding market trends, businesses can create realistic, scalable plans for entering the market and staying there successfully.

Market plans also involve creating cost-effective but high-quality methods for production. Luke Lazarus advises start-ups about the organizational strategies needed to stay competitive, especially as a new business. In addition, he helps them understand the critical importance of deadlines and budgeting in the marketing and production sections of the business, as these can derail even the soundest of businesses.

In this interview, Lazarus was asked about his advice to younger self and his failures as a businessman. He reflects on his early worry and anxiety. Regardless of the scenario, needless worry is usually useless, and doesn’t help anyone achieve their goals. Rather, they just create more friction on the way.

Thus, Lazarus advises being confident in one’s actions and use the energy that would be spent worrying on working on actual projects instead. He also states that his biggest failures, especially early on, were due to lack of planning. Not only does lack of planning generate further anxiety, but it also makes it difficult to see a project through when plagued by it. Having a plan to follow, undoubtably, makes business easier Lazarus.

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