Lime Crime: A Cutting Edge Cosmetics Company

These days, more and more people want to shop for their cosmetics products online. Although there are many online beauty businesses that you could pursue in order to attain the cosmetics you want, Lime Crime on urbanoutfitters is a company you definitely shouldn’t overlook. Learn more about this dynamic company by reviewing the following information:

Lime Crime’s Founder: Doe Deere

As the CEO and founder of Lime Crime, Doe Deere is committed to helping people keep their dreams alive and spice up their life with perpetual fun and organicity. To make it happen, Deere specializes in providing customers with a diverse range of incredible products that will enhance aesthetic appeal and send levels of self-confidence straight through the roof. In understanding that cosmetics are about much more than merely covering up blotchy skin, Deere is passionate about demonstrating that make-up can be used to attain the aesthetic creativity and freedom necessary to display your personality to the world.

Lime Crime: Basic Data

As a cosmetics company committed to veganism, the entire line of make-up offered by Lime Crime is cruelty-free. Additionally, the company is passionate about offering customers a wide range of products. The product line includes:

• glitter
• eyeliners
• grunge palettes
• lips
• nails

A Contemporary Perspective

In a world where technological updates and evolutions in the cosmetics industry transpire with each passing day, businesses that want to be relevant to contemporary audiences must maintain a contemporary perspective. And this is exactly what the professionals of Lime Crime do. By paying attention to new trends that emerge in the beauty industry and listening carefully to the needs and preferences of customers, the Lime Crime crew is effective in maintaining a line conducive to the values of today’s world.

Putting The Customer First

At Lime Crime, primacy is placed on putting the customer in the driver’s seat at all times. The company’s professionals realize this objective in numerous ways, one of which is the maintenance of an information-packed “Customer Care” page.

• Are your cosmetics vegan?
• Can I purchase your products from a physical store?
• Is it safe to shop on this website?

Lime Crime is also happy to accommodate customers with perks and bonuses for shopping with the company. For example, individuals who place an order that totals more than $50 qualify for free shipping.


If you like looking good and are into using beauty products to make it happen, Lime Crime may be the perfect cosmetics company for you. By visiting the website today at, you can determine whether the company’s products can help you realize your aesthetic goals!

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