Jose Hawilla; a True Symbol of Entrepreneurship

Jose Hawilla built Trafic from the odds. The pundits indicate that there is a major difference between entrepreneurs and ordinary workers. While entrepreneurship also needs some fine tuning, it tends to show some unique characteristics that are more often than not innate. In analyzing entrepreneurship, experts observe that one needs to have some inherent tendency for revolution. Entrepreneurs are never satisfied with the status quo. They are always seeking to find a better way to do something. Entrepreneurs are revolting individuals. They are never comfortable with following set templates. Employees, on the other, hand are happy with implementing ready routine practices. They are often uncomfortable with change. Therefore, it can be concluded that born entrepreneurs cannot make good employees.



The Ideal Environment for Entrepreneurship



Figures from the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Index show that America and Canada are the leading countries in terms of encouraging entrepreneurship. The US scored 79.5% while Canada followed closely with 78%. A closer look at the way the authorities in these countries handle the question of innovation and creativity; which are important elements in entrepreneurship shows that the leading countries incentivize entrepreneurship. They have developed policies that encourage new companies to be set up. They have also made it easy to access funding for the purpose of developing new ideas. The lesson is that entrepreneurship requires an environment that enables people to think outside the traditional mind frames. Some Talented individuals such as Jose Hawilla manage to make it despite the odds.




How Jose Hawilla Beat the Odds



Hawilla is a renowned investment guru in Brazil. He is the brains behind, traffic, the most profitable advertising entity in Brazil. He started off as a journalist working with a number of media houses. He reported sports back in the 70s and worked for such media companies as Rede Globo. However, owing to his revolutionary ideas, Jose Hawilla was fired by Rede Globo. He figured out that he could make a fortune from the sports reporting activities. His contemporaries never thought that such an idea would ever evolve into a multimillion business. He was discouraged by both friends and foes but he never gave up. Jose Hawilla’s story is a typical tale of what happens to most entrepreneurs. New ideas are often abhorred because they dare people to move out of their comfort zones. There is resistance and even rejection of important ideas that could thrive into life-changing businesses. Jose Hawilla started with billboard advertising in small towns, and sports reporting in the inner part of Sao Paulo. His efforts bore fruit and evolved into the giant advertising firm that is Traffic today. He is now a major stakeholder in Rede Globo. For more details you can checkout





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