Jeremy Goldstein Among New York’s Most Experienced Employment Law Specialists

Jeremy Goldstein expertise in employment law has been drawn upon by some of the biggest names across a wide array of industries. He’s worked with such major brands as Miller Brewing Company, Duke Energy, Verizon, Dow Chemical and Merck, to name just a few.


Working with these world-class entities has imbued Jeremy Golstein with unique insights into the subtle, nuanced and key issues that inform the ever-complicated field of employment law.


Jeremy Goldstein earned his Juris Doctor from the New York University School of Law. He completed his undergraduate work with honors from the University of Chicago and Cornell University. Upon securing his JD, he went to work with a top-tier law firm in New York. There Mr. Goldstein gained vast and comprehensive experience working on issues of employment law.


But Jeremy Goldstein always had dreamed of establishing his own firm. He launched Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates more than 10 years ago. Its focus is on handling such thorny legal matters as executive compensation and corporate governance. Goldstein’s firm found fast success and an enthusiastic list of clients. His expertise has established him as among the best legal mind in the employment niche.


An area of special concentration for Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates is creating non-compete agreements, often called restrictive covenants and/or non-compete covenants.


This is a well-established area of law that provides key protections for both business owners and employees. Mr. Goldstein said that an employer is potentially exposed to risk if they do not create customized agreements that are highly specific to each business model and situation.


Parties may be exposing themselves to unnecessary risks if they fail to draw up customized agreements tailored to their unique situation, Goldstein said. This is not “boiler-plate” contract work. Drafting carefully custom-designed non-compete contracts is as much of an art as it is law.


For example, non-compete agreements must take into account the geographic area in which they will be enforced. Few courts will uphold an agreement that seeks to cover the entire nation. That means competent lawyers must carefully craft contracts by sharply defining the area in which they will be legally enforceable. That’s often limited to a specific city or sharply-defined geographic region.


It is significant to note that employment law is defined at both the state and federal level. However, Mr. Goldstein cautions that federal laws do not relate to non-compete agreements in a specific way. It’s state law that drives the basics of non-compete agreements. That means such contracts can vary widely from state to state. This demonstrates the complexity of non-compete contract work. It emphasizes the need for solid, experienced professionals well versed in this category of law.


Jeremy Goldstein takes pride in his long and successful track record of crafting non-compete contracts – work he finds fulfilling because of the valuable service it provides to his clients.


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