James Dondero Is A Man Of Success

I have interacted with many successful investment personalities across the world. One of such people is James Dondero, the founder and president of Highland Capital Management Firm. It is not in my veins to write about people but James Dondero’s success in capital investment drove me nuts. We met in 2015 at Agora Financial Investment Symposium, a platform dedicated to delivering investment ideas and connecting entrepreneurs to industry experts and investors. The symposium has a good reputation as the world’s number one investment research conference. Each year, Agora Financial Investment Symposium attracts renowned speakers such as James Dondero to offer a day-and-a-half lectures on stock markets and investment ideas.

I’m writing today because I would like to share James Dondero’s successful career path. His journey towards prosperity will motivate you to succeed in whatever you are doing. Mr. Dondero started his career journey immediately after graduating from University. He had pursued accounting and finance degree at the University of Virginia’s business school. His desire for education didn’t end after graduation. He has managed to pursue other courses that have enabled him to earn several certifications. Some of the notable certification that I found listed in his LinkedIn profile includes Certified Management Accountant, Certified Chartered Economist, Certified Public Accountant and Chartered Financial Analyst.

Dondero’s employment history on Nexbank started when he got a job as a financial analyst at Morgan Guaranty’s training program. After working at the institution for many years, James wanted to look for other challenging positions. He resigned from Morgan Guaranty’s training program and got a job as Corporate Bond Analyst at the by the American Express. James wanted to climb the career ladder as quickly as possible. He was poached by Protective Life to work as the Chief Investment Officer. This is the highest position that any person would be interested in serving. He found himself at the helm of managing the firm’s assets of over $2 billion.

James’s career goal was to have one of the leading capital investment firms in the United States. He left his prestigious position at a Protective Life to establish Highland Capital Management Firm. He opened the company’s first office in Dallas Texas. At first, the company acted as an alternative to credit management. After establishing a global reach of several clientele bases, the firm started to offer credit strategies through separate accounts, private equity, collateralized loan obligations, hedge funds and long-only funds.

If you ask me, I will tell you that Mr. Dondero is one of the experts to contact for advice on investments ideas. Through his advice, I have been able to know how, when and where to invest my funds, how to save and lend wisely and make informed investment decisions.

James advises individuals and companies on how to grow their wealth by use of adverse financial investment opportunities such as natural resources, short-term equities, long-term equities and emerging markets. I prefer Highland Capital Management Firm because of their good reputation in matters of capital investment.

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