Highland Capital Management is based in Dallas Texas and was started back in the year 1993. It is more of a private company with private equity. Since it is a huge company, it has been split into several branches like structured investments and distressed funds. Since it deals with alternative investments, it majorly deals with emerging markets, natural resources, short term equity and long-term equity. It has also managed to accumulate a very large client base that consists of governments, corporations, and financial institutions. It majorly specializes in incomes that are hedged and fixed. Its success in the industry has enabled it to accumulate a vast value of assets amounting to $18.7 billion. They have also in the recent past opened two international branches in London and Singapore.

Highland Capital Investment is headed by an individual known as Jim Dondero, who is not only the co-founder but also the current president of the company. His career looked a little shady at the beginning when he took up the position of being an analyst. After several transformations, he later became the portfolio manager and at the same time he also ventured into investment. His investment was channeled to cars whereby he ventured in Collateral Loan Obligation, which is best known as CLO. Before he joined Highland Capital Investment, he used to work at the GIC Company. His prowess was impeccable as he had managed to accumulate assets that were worth $2 billion dollars that he managed and took great care of. James Dondero had a portfolio management that comprised of derivatives, loans, and bonds. He also took up a position in American Express as an employee where he stayed for only a short period. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia with a degree in Finance and Accounting. It should also be noted that while at Virginia University, he was able to clinch the highest honors which are Beta Gamma Sigma and Beta Alpha Psi. He has now perfected the field of being a credible analyst and management accountant. Apart from that, he has taken very honorary positions like in the American Banknote and MGM Board of Directors. James Dondero has also been of assistance in terms of ideology in CCS where he holds a position on the board of directors. He also boasts of the long experience that he has gained over the years (30 years) in the credit and equity market platform.

Next Point Residential best referred to as NXRT appointed James Dondero alongside Arthur Laffer to be in the team of Board of Directors. This is a company that is responsible for managing families with middle-income salaries. One of the greatest moves of Highland Capital Market has been the decision it made to buy NextPoint Credit Strategies Fund for an alleged price of $8.79 per share. Their desires for growth and expansion oversaw them raise their stakes to purchase further a very large amount of next point’s shares that amounted to 113,799 shares. This was considered to be a very big move by James Dondero, who was particularly in charge of initiating this deal.

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