Jack Plotkin Speaks About How to Have an Optimum and Sustainable Population Health Management Initiative


The healthcare industry has many challenges. But at its core is providing the best care and treatment options for the community it serves. Within that community are populations of patients that have specific needs. Some healthcare facilities care for the elderly, others for cancer patients. Having the right infrastructure in place is important to effectively meet the challenges that will arise.

Jack Plotkin is the chief technology officer for VirtualHealth. He has a couple of decades of experience in deploying technology advances to address problems in the healthcare industry. He is considered an expert in developing solutions for large organizations that manage complex patient populations. Jack designed his company’s population health and care management platform.

Jack Plotkin advises that healthcare providers should align technology with the systems and workflow support that will give them the most reliable outcomes and perpetual success. He highlights five areas of a population health management platform healthcare providers should consider.

  1.  Expertise
    Does the management platform show that clinical expertise went into its development? Does the care management workflow support the needs of the care givers? Do the developers have the expertise to make adjustments in alignment with the specific needs of the organization?

    How secure is the management program? No organization wants to be susceptible to security breaches that are prevalent today.

  2.  Scalability and Customization
    Can the program be customized to address the needs of the patient population being served? Healthcare is dynamic by nature. Is the program flexible and scalable enough to meet those demands and allow organizations to grow their initiatives?
  3. Program Design
    Can the management program be designed to help you meet current challenges and fill in the management gaps that exist?
  4. A Layered Rollout Plan
    A population health management plan should be rolled out systematically. What are your top priorities? Will the platform allow you to implement those first and build out accordingly?

Program Sustainability
Will the program vendor sell you a program and then say goodbye or will they partner with you for the long-term? As healthcare requirements change, you need a partner that will make the necessary changes in the program as well as add new tools to help you accomplish your service.

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