Isabel dos Santos: Stands For Education and Human Rights

Isabel dos Santos is an African entrepreneur fighting for children’s rights. In a summit held in Russia, she heard how others thought Africa could improve, and she injected what the realities of the situation were.

Dos Santos can speak freely on the subject because she is from Angola, which is a country on the coast of Africa. Her father was the president for some time, and her mother was of Russian descent. Isabel’s family instilled in her a strong desire to serve her country and fellow citizens, and she stood up for them at the Russian event.

Her mother and father saw to it that her education was strong. They sent her to elementary schools in the UK, and Isabel graduated from King’s. With her degree and educational background, she began working for other companies, but today, she is the CEO of her own corporation. Isabel Dos Santos is a part of many businesses in Africa and Portugal today.

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At the Russian conference, Isabel dos Santos discovered that many other leaders and entrepreneurs thought that the biggest problem for the people of Africa was their lack of reading and writing skills. Dos Santos pointed out these rudimentary skills are vital, but they do not take in the whole pictures. She expressed the need for skill development and employment. Teaching someone to read and write can help them, but having something meaningful for them to do with their new skills was even more vital. Isabel Dos Santos let it be known that looking at the simple tasks was not enough. Firms and individuals that want to contribute to the growth of Africa need to think and act big. They need to think about what type of skills will be useful in today’s world and economy.

Isabel dos Santos has long been an advocate for the women and children of her homeland and all of Africa. She believes strongly that they should be allowed the same opportunities as men. In parts of Africa, there are a lot of male-dominated fields. As time progresses and the next generation grows up with new ideas, girls should become further integrated into the workforce and commerce. Source:

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