Gustavo Martinez, The Marketing and Advertising Entrepreneur Who Gives Back

Gustavo Martinez is highly respected in the world of marketing and advertising. He has worked within the industry for 35 years and has created several well-know and inspirational advertising campaigns. Many of his ads are so iconic, they have impacted pop culture, which solidifies his position and relevance in the business.

During Gustavo’s career, he has held top positions for very reputable firms around the globe. Gustavo has been in such positions of power such as, CEO and president. Before rising to such positions, his talents served elite clients at Price Waterhouse and Henkel. Today, Gustavo uses his entrepreneurial skills by working as an advertising and marketing consultant. By having the flexibility of this independent position, allows him to connect more closely and more often with his clients. His independence also allows him to utilize his creativity and customize each result for every client.

Gustavo is the kind of entrepreneur who likes to give back and help other up-and-coming professionals. He freely shares advice and tips to allow others the potential to achieve their goals and dreams for their own individual companies. Gustavo has said that the advertising and marketing industry are unlike other business spheres. In most industries, someone who is a good worker is reliable, punctual and performs repetitive tasks. However, in advertising, someone needs to freely express their artistic abilities and tap into their creative side with freedom. However, Gustavo has experienced working in both realms of the business. He has proven that he can create and operate under management, which is one of the reasons he’s been so successful in all that he has done.

Gustavo Martinez actively uses his abilities to produce business acceleration. Gustavo helps startup companies improve their marketing and outcome capabilities from day one of their doors opening. He knows that the failure rate is 90 percent worldwide for startups. His current efforts associated with business acceleration are focusing on maximizing the benefits of functionality, analytics and technology design. This approach allows startups and more established companies to maximize the benefits of new aged strategies, with the goal of increasing their overall chances of success. Gustavo helps achieve such goals by using Massive Data Heights to collect insightful information from consumer reviews found on the internet.

Gustavo Martinez credits being a good listen as one of his personal qualities that has made him such a success in the business. He recognizes that his clients and employees have valuable, creative ideas that they can bring to the table. He likes his team to work in a collaborative atmosphere and encourage his team to freely share ideas. Gustavo also rewards and recognizes team members who accomplish amazing things.

Gustavo is a family man who makes sure he has breakfast with his family each more. In addition, he is also a charitable entrepreneur. His personal views on charity are that, one should donate money to causes that you feel deep rooted passion for. As opposed to, donating large sums of money, just for the recognition.

When Gustavo was asked what advice he would give to his younger self he said, that he would tell himself to not be in such a rush, be patient, learn from others. He says that if anyone can master those three things, their goals or business can soar to a different level.


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