Gustavo Martinez Believes In Hard Work In The Advertising And Marketing Industry

Being one of the most respected names in the advertising and marketing industry does not come easily. You have to do an exorbitant amount of work, make good connection with clients, and above all create lasting results. That is what one professional marketing and advertising consultant has been doing for over 35 years. Gustavo Martinez has dedicated his life and career to help bring some of the most iconic ads to life, with the help of his loyal team of creative minds.


Mr. Martinez has worked for a number of huge marketing companies, but now works for U.V. Business Solutions. This is a more entrepreneurial phase of his life, helping accelerate their company’s growth in a short period of time. Starting a business is not an easy, so having the help from experienced professionals can be the difference succeeding in the industry and failing. Gustavo has worked for the most famous advertising and marketing industry called J. Walter Thompson Worldwide as their chief executive officer. Previously, the consultant worked as the president for Olgilvy and Mather and McCann World Group.


Each work day for Gustavo means long days at the office. He dedicates an average of 10 to 12 hours each day to working at the office. As a team leader, Mr. Martinez inspires and supports his team so they can come up with great marketable ideas for the company. These creative types don’t work well on a structure nine to five schedule, so a certain amount of flexibility is required. Gustavo prides himself as an active listener who is always watching to acknowledge his team for their ideas and input.


When it comes to exciting trends, the Internet of Things is what really interests Mr. Martinez. There are endless possibilities on how companies can market their products with this smart technology. Gustavo says it can all come together when the devices communicate to each other. From delivering a sweet treat, to tracking what’s in the fridge, the Internet of Things has got it covered. The marketing and advertising consultant believes it will completely transform the industry in the near future.


Gustavo Martinez fully believes in the act of charity. Giving back is an essential part of his life, and he does it on the down-low. He does not brag about what he donates. He believes this is not true charity then. You have to do it with an open heart and because you really care, not for social acceptance or to look good to others. Mr. Martinez earned his Doctor of Philosophy degree in economics from the Universitat de Barcelona. The businessman currently lives in Barcelona, Spain, but has traveled the world. Gustavo has been to the United States, Europe, Asia, and Latin America.


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