Gulf Coast Western Benefits from Solid Leadership


One factor that sets a successful business apart from other is competent and insightful leadership, which is why Gulf Coast Western LLC is thriving today. It is led by CEO and President Matthew Fleeger. He is a second-generation industry giant who believes in a code of integrity and company transparency. Today, he is not only involved with the oil and gas market, but he has also been successful in other professional endeavors as well.

Years Of Hard Work Paid Off

Matthew Fleeger is not one to be lazy but is also committed to his family and philanthropic efforts and has found a way to gain a balance with each, though he puts tremendous effort into leading Gulf Coast Western LLC. From an early age he was determined to gain as much industry experience as possible so he could excel at his work. Immediately after graduating from Southern Methodist University in 1985, he spent the following seven years working with mostly Texas based oil and gas companies. He worked in key areas to gain upper level management expertise and insight so he could become and effective company leader. Eventually he was offered a CEO position with Gulf Coast Western LLC, where he still works at today. 

A Prospering Company

Gulf Coast Western is actively growing and prospering due to the efforts of Matthew Fleeger. He has forged a positive reputation for integrity and transparency within his company, which attracts major investors and business partners. The company is currently working with Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration out of Lafayette, LA and Orbit Energy Partners. They also are a part of the operations of 13 wells in the area. These partnerships have allowed the company to not only grow but expand across a wide swath across the state of Louisiana.


Gulf Coast Western LLC is one of the most prolific oil and gas companies in the country and has benefited immensely from the solid leadership of Matthew Fleeger. They expect the company to continue its growth trend and move forward with operating additional oil wells and assisting in exploration efforts in the area. 

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