Gino Puzzo Carrying on a Family Football Legacy

Highlights of Career

Gino Pozzo is known for his work in bringing multiple football clubs, in the lower division, and bringing them into the limelight of the top-rated leagues in their home turf. Thru this singular work, Gino Pozzo created a career for himself which is both impeccable as carving out a praiseworthy reputation. In European football, Gino Pozzo is a celebrated name whose ownership of the Waterford Football Club in England, regularly received high accolades from enthusiastic European Sports fans even today.

Early Life and Career

Gino Pozzo spent his early formative years growing up amidst a family of passionate sports enthusiasts. His parents Gianpaolo and Giuliana Pozzo gave birth to Gino in their hometown of Udine, Italy. His ancestral history had distinguished members of who was related to former presidents of the Udinese Calcio football club and for this reason, the Pozzo family kept close association to the football club of Udine.

Move to the United States

During late adolescence at the age of 18, Gino decided to move to the United States. Having pursued his career in the New England States, he pursued and earned a Masters from Harvard University. However, after his education he returned to Italy, married, and started a family after he and his wife moved away to Spain, where he remained for 20 years in Barcelona. Finally, in 2013 Gino, his wife, and three children, moved to London. The reason he moved to London was to carry out the daily operations of his newly acquired football club, which was located at Vicarage Road.

Pozzo Family Legacy

Gino Pozzo and his family carry on the passionate history of dedication to football. The Pozzo Family Legacy as Football enthusiasts began when Gianpaolo, in 1986, purchased the Udine football club, known as the Udinee Football Club. It was from these roots established as early as 1986 that Gino Pozzo learned his enthusiasm and dedication from his family.

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