Genucel by Charmonix and its Contributions Towards Mental Illness

Traumatic events that happen in people’s lives can make or reshape the outcome of their future. With these traumatic events comes effects on one’s mental state. Mental illness is one of the top diseases that plagues our country today. It takes determination and perseverance for one to overcome it, but there also people and companies available to help those cope with their traumatic experiences. In an article by “Premier Gazette,” it talks about how a person’s self-esteem is affected after a traumatic event and how companies come together to help these people to cope daily. Genucel by Charmonix is of the organizations that has helped domestic violence victims in New Jersey. Genucel by Charmonix is an advanced skin care company that aims to combat skin imperfections, while also promoting anti-aging products to help slow down the aging process.

With New Jersey being one of the states with the highest domestic violence rates in the country, Genucel as a company has aimed to help these women and men help boost their personal self-esteem. The company works with different centers throughout the state to provide bags of their products to the victims that help them feel better about themselves. Sometimes just having someone there providing support is the best form of medicine to get over those issues. Women Aware is one of the non-profit organizations based in Middlesex, New Jersey that partners with Genucel. In the article of it states that the organization helps families affected by domestic violence, but the organization is aimed more towards women because the rates of traumatic experiences amongst women in that area is much higher.

Along with shelters like Women Aware that provide food, shelter, and moral support, exercise is another aspect of coping that helps women of domestic violence. Studies have shown that walking not only keeps a person in shape, but it helps boosts one’s self-esteem once that person recognizes that they are living a healthier life. One initiative that started to help raise awareness and money for the services of Women Aware is the Moving Beyond Abuse 5K Race and Charity Walk. Women and men come together during the charity walk to help support the community and women that have been affected. Walks and 5k’s are a form of Ecotherapy. Ecotherapy involves a group of people coming together outdoors exercising to help cope with any issues that one may have. It has been an essential part of the mental illness crisis in New Jersey. With domestic violence becoming a top priority that needs to be tackled daily, it is good to know that there are companies like Genucel that can partner with centers in the area to help those in need. More companies should follow suit and provide the goods and services to change lives everyday.

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