EOS Lip Balm

EOS (Evolution of Smooth) currently has a large selection of lip balm that comes in a variety of pleasant flavors. In addition, Eos lip balm products contain Vitamin E as well as Shea Butter. Therefore, the lip balm goes on smooth and it will nourish your lips throughout the day.

EOS makes its lip balms hypoallergenic and paraben free says usmagazine.com. All EOS products are tested by a Dermatologist prior to being packaged and sold. Therefore, you can be assured that the lip balm products will not cause any allergic reaction once it is applied.

The organic lip balm comes in a variety of flavors including Raspberry, Strawberry sorbet, Passion fruit, Summer fruit, mint, Vanilla bean and Wildberry. All lip balm products are attractively packaged and can be purchased for under $4.00 a piece.

Visibly Soft Lip Balm is available in Blackberry, Coconut , Honey apple, Vanilla mint, Peppermint mocha and Peppermint cream. All of these luscious lip balms can be easily purchased for under $4.00.

Crystal Lip Balm is available in Peach and Vanilla Orchid. Crystal Lip Balm is classy and will make your lips shimmer as well as shine. Healthy looking lips will certainly draw a great deal of attention. Crystal Lip Balm can now be purchased for under $6.00. Lip Balm is sold separately.

Shimmer Lip Balm comes in an attractive black container. In addition, Shimmer Lip Balm is available in Sheer pink, Coral and Pearl. Your lips will feel soft and well conditioned for up to 7 hours.

Active Lip Balm come Grapefruit and Lemon, avail here at makeupalley.com. In addition, Active Lip Balm has a SPF of 15. Therefore, this lip balm will protect your lips from the sun and other weather that can cause lips to become chapped and dry. These two luscious flavors are reasonably priced at under $4.00 a piece.

EOS also makes a special Medicated Lip Balm. This special balm contains conditioners and jojoba oils. Medicated Lip Balm is reasonably priced at under $4.00.

EOS also carries a complete line of Organic Stick Lip Balms. Lip Balm flavors include Raspberry, Strawberry, Mint and Vanilla Bean. This line of EOS lip balm contains all organic ingredients. In addition, the lip balm comes in an attractive lipstick container. Another EOS product that is priced at just under $4.00, order here now!

Please visit the EOS web site at www.evolutionofsmooth.com. Customers can sign up for EOS latest news and product information through the web site and watch their latest video here on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_UEa9u13Mc.


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