EOS Lip Balm- Style Craze Review

In reviewing the article Best EOS Lip Balms-Our Top Ten featured at stylecraze.com, readers will be captivated by the descriptions of the various scents and the benefits of applying EOS lip balms regularly throughout the day. The Style Craze top ten lip balms are listed below; with illuminating depictions seeking to enrich reader’s visualization of each unique lip balm. As the narrative is fairly well-rounded and informative regarding the flavors, a review of each description also aids in increasing the reader’s awareness of the benefits of the organic healing ingredients. According to the author, the top ten are:

  1. Blueberry Acai
  2. Pomegranate Raspberry
  3. Summer Fruit
  4. Honeysuckle Honeydew
  5. Sweet Mint
  6. Vanilla Bean
  7. Strawberry Sorbet
  8. Medicated Tangerine
  9. Lemon Drop SPF 15
  10. Passion Fruit

It should be noted that in the article the EOS Passion Fruit lip balm is listed as one of the Limited Edition Spring 2013 Collection lip balms, but further online research indicates that is still readily available for purchase from various retailers, see Allure.

EOS, the Evolution Of Smooth, began with the mission of “making products that perform and bring moments of joy” to each consumer. The innovative lip balm line has grown over time to include other skin care products including six shave creams with descriptive names like Lavender Blast and Vanilla Bliss, a purifying clay mask, hand and body lotions and more. Not only can consumers find lip balms in the signature spherical shaped vessels, the creators of EOS have blended lip balms and gloss in stick form for those who prefer this style made with the same high quality, organic ingredients.

With over 50 Beauty Industry Awards, EOS continues to bring consumers what they are seeking in their beauty products; natural, organic ingredients that perform as described.

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