EOS Is Showcasing New Formula In Vegan Free Crystal Clear Lip Balm

When you think about lip balm and needing something to heal chapped lips, what brand do you think of first? If you answered Chapstick or Burts Bees, you must not be familiar with EOS. The Evolution of Smooth, EOS has taken the world by surprise when they created a new lip balm which came in a sphere rather than in a tube like most other brands of lip balm.

EOS decided to release the sphere of lip balm over the tube of it to increase its appearance in the market of lip balm. The market for lip balm was limited to the few choices on the market as well as to the very limited choice of flavors. You may buy EOS products here on amazon.de.

EOS has once again raised the bar by not only creating a new flavor of lip balm but by changing the formula slightly to include the removal of the beeswax, click here. By removing this ingredient, the formula is now completely vegan free. When they switched the formula, they also switched the shape of the sphere. The sphere was once a perfectly round sphere with lip balm inside that colored to the shade on the outside. The new EOS has a more diamond like resemblance as well as being completely free of any colors or dyes.

Upon the release of the vegan free, crystal lip balm, the release of it took the sales to a whole new level of EOS. They knew that the brand would be successful but no one imagined that it would be as much of a success as it was. Within the first few hours of release, not only was the internet sold out of the popular brand but so was the local stores. The local stores were only given a limited amount to see if the sales were what they expected and when they were, more had to be shipped. Since then, they have released more on the market and they continue to be a success for those shopping online for lip balm flavors.

Go to EOS’ official website here on evolutionofsmooth.de for more col news.


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