Entrepreneur Luke Lazarus Creates a Legacy for Himself and His Clients

Long time entrepreneur and successful international businessman Luke Lazarus has a new venture. The Australian native well-known for his own successful start-ups in the past has turned his attention towards assisting other new companies achieve growth and success.

He has converged his natural talent and expertise into a consulting firm that advises business on efficiency, marketing strategies and creating an appealing package for potential investors.

Luke Lazarus began his entrepreneurial career at the age of 8, and continued to develop business opportunities well into his high school career. An accomplished athlete as well as a straight A student, Lazarus was inundated with several appealing opportunities to further his education from high learning institutions through Australia as well as abroad.

However, he decided that staying close to him best suited his temperament and he ended up graduating from Melbourne Business School with a Masters in Business Administration.

Upon completion of his education, Luke Lazarus spent ten years perfecting his entrepreneurial skills. He created several separate successful businesses that he able to sell off later, each for a substantial sum. After the sale of his fourth start-up, Lazarus began to think about what he wanted next for his career. Read more: Luke Lazarus | Interview and Luke Lazarus | Business

Having achieved a high level of financial success, Lazarus began to reflect back on what he enjoyed the most about his career so far. What he figured out was a passion to help others with their entrepreneurial endeavors and help them to create a success from their struggling business.

Lazarus’s consulting business focuses on start-ups that are currently struggling. He uses his passion for creating a business and combines it with his experience in the field to guide his clients in finding the best branding message that represents their business.

Luke Lazarus examines his clients’ current operations and infrastructure to determine ways the company can fun more smoothly and efficiently. He works with the business owners and their teams to develop an image that not only peaks the interest of consumers; but also entices potential capital investors.

Lazarus believes that a strong marketing story will convey a company message that invokes an emotional response from the public, thus creating a situation where the public feels a need to acquire the business’s product or service.

Luke Lazarus has been able to turn his instinct and talent into a successful and lucrative career. With financial security under his belt, Lazarus has turned towards promoting entrepreneurship by helping start-up companies find their market and brand positioning.

He uses his expertise to guide his clients through the treacherous landscape of business ownership and helps them to arrive at the land of prosperity.

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