Dr. Johanan Rand and his Innovative and Pianless Approach to Aging

Dr. Johanan Rand is known for his work in healthy aging in the city of West Orange. He offers his services and training to provide assistance to those who are going through different issues with aging (Reporterexpert). He is based out of the Healthy Medical Center, and he gives patients advice on how to lose weight and deal with other age related issues. He uses the process of regenerative medicine to give a variety of options to patients who may be able to have large benefits from integrative care.

Rand studied medicine at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York. His practice is based on different wellness programs that encompass IV nutrient therapy, as well as solutions that offer alternatives. These practices ultimately lead to extra help with aging and weight loss. Rand has cultivated his passion for progress with his patients as well as custom solutions to the things they are going through. Some of his treatments include, but are not limited to preventing disease, restoring health of the patients, and increasing vitality. Dr. Rand is known for his want to help his patients deal with different issues that may take away from their joy of aging.

The Healthy Medical Center offers new approaches to symptoms that women may face with menopause. Some of the symptoms that are dealt with are mood swings, anxious behavior, and hot flashes. Other symptoms that are dealt with are weight gain, depressing thoughts, and a decrease in mental state. Dr. Johanan Rand has created different regimens that will improve the symptoms greatly. His programs have been known to decrease fatigue, erectile dysfunction, loss of memory, sweating at night, dryness of the vagina, a lower libido, and atrophy of the muscle.

Dr. Johanan Rand does not consider his program a “miracle diet,” but he believes it is possible that his program will offer a long term solution to the common problems faced in menopause. Overall, patients will experience an increase in more energy, self confidence, and higher insulin levels.


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