Dick DeVos Continues To Contribute To The Aviation Industry And The City Of Grand Rapids

Dick DeVos has a rich history of serving in the aviation industry and the business sector. He has been a pilot for many years and is passionate about helping others to live out their aviation dreams. He was recently chosen to serve as one of 13 people who oversee the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) by serving in its management advisory council. He will serve with the group for 3 years and will also continue to focus on his business goals as the organization expects members of the group to do so.


In the past, Dick DeVos has done a lot for the state of Michigan, and he continues to do so. His passion for flying led him to build The West Michigan Aviation Academy. This is a public, nonprofit, charter school that is located in a building on the grounds of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport, and it is helping to make many youngsters dreams come true. The school started out with under 100 students and has grown to serve 600 students. Many students come from distant cities and ride multiple buses just to be able to attend the school.


Dick DeVos has a tendency to spot opportunities for his hometown of Grand Rapids, but he also seems to know when something is awry. In 1991, he was able to take action to put a stop to plans that were being drawn up to construct an arena and convention center in the city. While there is nothing wrong with an arena or a convention center, the problem he saw with the plan was the location where it was to be built. The location would have seen the building built just north of the downtown section of Grand Rapids.


While others were oblivious to the problems that this could cause, Dick DeVos got to work to lobby against the idea. He helped to gather together a group of business leaders from the region during that time that have gone on to improve the city by helping to construct many different buildings. That group is known as Grand Action. Dick DeVos was also able to stop the construction of the arena, and this was a good thing. Detroit is another city that made the same mistake in the past when it constructed the Pontiac Silverdome and Palace of Auburn Hills. The city’s sports teams left the city after the arena was built, and this caused many different financial problems for Detroit.


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