Danger! Kyle Bass is Predicting Again!

Kyle Bass the founder and CEO of Hayman Capital Management is spouting a new theory in a CNBC interview, and this time his target is China. Mr. Bass claims that Chinese Banks have grown too fat, and the result will be big losses on loans. In fact, Mr. Bass is predicting that the entire Asian financial market is going to decline as a result of the hefty Chinese banking industry. He is predicting two years of trouble for Asian lenders, and he is including the Japanese in his theory.

Also, Mr. Bass claims that even though the Chinese banking industry is overweight, the Chinese government is committed to the recapitalization of its banking industry. What that means is only double digit growth will end, and if the double digit growth dies out in China, the rest of Asia will follow in its footsteps. Asian banks have grown 400 percent in less than a decade, and they have grown to four times their GDP. He claims the Chinese banks will lose all their equity, but the financial institutions of other Asian countries will bail them out.

In the same interview, apart from Asian collapse, he is still predicting that he will have his way with the patent challenges here in the United States. He claims they are bad pharmaceutical patents and he’s filed over 30 challenges against these so-called bad patents. Mr. Bass had already made his views clear on the patent challenges in different interview at Useful Stooges. He then said, he was in it for the money, and the scheme is nothing more than an opportunity to take over pharmaceutical companies when the patent challenges cause their stocks to drop.

Mr. Bass then expounds on his predictions about the oil industry, and he is bullish on oil. He claims U.S. oil production will drop one million barrels a day by next year. He says, we better hope that Iran can pump enough to cover our loss. He doesn’t believe the Saudi’s can pump out any more oil than they already are pumping. His prediction for the equity market is expecting the Federal Reserve to raise rates.

This is the same Kyle Bass who Useful Stooges reports, supports the corrupt dictatorship of Cristina Kirchner in Argentina, and supports their failure to repay their sovereign debt at the cost of fellow American financiers. It was also brought to the public’s attention in the same interview, that Kyle Bass’s support of General Motor’s in its recent litigation over fatal airbag failures is due to his own interests in General Motors. On national TV he accused motorist of being at fault for the fatalities and injuries resulting from the airbag failures due to drunkenness of the drivers.

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