Kim Dao Demonstrates Wine Makeup

Kim Dao demonstrated Korean makeup made by Labiotte. According to Kim Dao, the Korean celebrities are raving about this makeup. This makeup line comes with mascara, lipstick, lip tint, and an eye-shadow palette. The mascara and lip products look like miniature bottles of wine. She says these products are available online. The makeup is made from wine extract. The lipstick and lip tint tastes like wine.

Kim Dao showed us the two eye-shadow palettes she bought in Korea. Both palettes have beige colors. The first palette has some brown tones while the second palette has some beige, reds, and rose tones. Kim Dao brushed a sample of the colors on each underside of both arms to show us how these colors would look on the eye lids. She found the red and rosie palette was actual lighter in color tone than the brown and beige palette.

After Kim Dao applied some brown eye-shadow from the first palette, she showed us the mascara called Wine Angle Mascara Lash Fixer. It has an angled brush and comes in volume and long lash types. She did not see a difference in her lashes.

Kim Dao showed us five different kinds of the lipstick. Each bottle also comes with a smudger. The lipsticks roll up and down like a tube of lipstick. They come in pink, red, and coral type shades. The lipstick comes in different consistencies such as smooth and creamy. Kim Dao showed us brush on lip tints in two shades of red.

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Objects You Know but Not Really: Wengie Tells All

There are things that we use each day and really have no idea what the capabilities of those items are in their entireties. YouTube personality, Wengie, understands this theory quite well and made one of her incredible videos  depicting how little we know about some of the most common objects in the world. The beauty blogger was intent to show her viewers some crafty things and she did just that, per usual.


Cosmetic Symbol


There is a symbol on most cosmetics that resembles a can with an open lid. Most have ignored this symbol directly because they believe it is irrelevant or that it has to do with marketing. What it really is, though, is an expiration date for that particular product. Tending to be either six, twelve, or twenty-four months, this symbol is important to recognize and follow.


The Pot Hole


Have you ever noticed the hole that is on every pot or pan handle? Some may believe that this is to hang said pots up, but it is actually to hold the cooking utensil you are using, specifically a wooden spoon. Designed to hold the spoon in place until it is needed again, this hole is useful in more ways than one!


Spaghetti Fork


The utensil specifically designed for spaghetti has a nifty hole directly in its center that few recognize as being useful. Some may opt to think that it is to drain water, but it is actually designed to measure out the proper amount of spaghetti, which is one serving. If you are cooking for three people, fill the hole three times.


Blue and White Erasers


According to Wengie, These erasers are half blue and half white. Due to the different colors, people believe that the blue side is for pen ink. It is actually for pencils and the white side is to smooth out the paper afterward.