Susan McGalla’s Advice to Women Who Want to Move Up the Career Ladder

Women make up less than 15% of executive officers despite the fact that there has been an uptick in the number of women in the workforce. Susan McGalla offered a few tips to help women advance to higher positions in the workplace in an article that appeared on PR Newswire. She pointed out that higher education results in greater opportunities. She noted that women make up half of the workforce in the US, but the number of university educated women should increase. This would help them to succeed in a skill-dependent economy that is dominated by men.

Susan advised young women to plan wisely when choosing to pursue higher education. She added that they should not be deterred by the cost of getting a degree. She proposed financial aid and scholarships as alternative options that can help them to cover the costs of tuition. McGalla also warned that lack of confidence would not do any good to women that have furthered their learning. This is because the environment at one’s workplace plays a major part in the confidence of women and their prospects. McGalla stated that women needed to establish a support network early in their careers so that they would not lose confidence in themselves. More articles on

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Susan also advised women to ignore the concept of the glass ceiling. McGalla attributed her success to her decision to focus on work and not what she was entitled to as her woman. McGalla said that she ignored the glass ceiling and any prejudices about women that existed in the workplace. She encouraged women to persevere through prejudice and to let their work speak for itself. According to, McGalla is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting. She has been a consultant for many years. She has spoken to various audiences and at different events including the Carnegie Mellon University conference and the Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh, check this on

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