The red, or the white?

When paired with delicious food, a good wine transcends a simple libation and becomes something more. It complements the meal and makes it that much better. A full bodied red, or a crisp white, can make eating simple food an experience. But pair the wrong food with a red, a blush, or a white, and it simply becomes something you do to exist. And who wants to simply exist?
Why does merlot go better with duck than with gazpacho, for instance? Because of quite a few things, actually. First you must know how much sugar, acid, and fat is in the food. Also, know how the wine tastes by itself. Does it have a smoky aftertaste? Or is it sweet? Alfredo goes with white wine better because the light, fruity wine pairs well with the creamy thick sauce. A good cut of steak goes well with cabernet sauvignon because the meat’s proteins and fats lessen the tannins and help the underlying flavors of fruit and berries to come out, which plays well with the smoky flavor of the steak.
Knowing how the wine tastes beforehand is very important, so go to a few wine tastings. This saves you from having to buy a bottle and find out it’s not to your tastes. The Antique Wine Company has wine tastings that are famous the world over, so if you can, attend one. Learn from the Masters, literally. Antique Wine Company employs some of the most knowledgeable sommeliers in the business. In one tasting you can go from knowing nothing about wine to pairing melon salad and Prosecco like a pro.

The Excellence of The Antique Wine Company


The Antique Wine Company has a main office in Marylebone, Central London and several sales offices located in Asia. Known for specialization of antique vintages, this company also sells contemporary vintages. Founded by Stephen Williams in 1982, AWC is one of the biggest companies in the world and sells to many people, hotels and restaurants in over 100 countries. Mr. Williams also has wine cellars and collections throughout Europe, Asia and North America.


Other products sold by the Antique Wine Company are a variety of wine cabinets made of precious woods. Choices include burr ash, Bombay rosewood, sycamore and Bombay rosewood. Corkscrews, display cases, grand decanting cradles, Holiday gift boxes and large format wines are also sold by AWC. Special gifts include Linley Helix display cases filled with rare wines.


This company offers corporate hospitality packages. You can have an event in an elegant wine tasting room or a place you choose in another location. Each event has a specific theme. The Wine Academy comfortably sits 30 people at tasting tables. You can also choose a walk around event. Corporate hospitality packages include hot and cold food, an expert speaker, end-to-end management and more. Day and evening packages are available.


Stephen Williams offers accredited courses at Antique Wine Company Wine Academy. There are 10 wine expert educators that teach coursesing. One course is called Vintage Fortunes and is a wine-centric casino house game. You place bets according to how you judge samples of different wines. The Wine and Spirit Education Trust courses provide education for enhancing wine knowledge.


You can sell your rare and fine wines to this wine company. They give potential sellers three choices. These include a straightforward purchase, broker the wines for the clients or free evaluation.


A convenient service offered is the delivery and serving of wines at special events that include weddings and parties. This company also provides a variety of wines from particular collections that can withstand different storage temperatures at places such as yachts, ski chalets and beach homes.


The Antique wine company has a reputation for making sure their customers are satisfied with all services and products. The company has been rated by over 150,000 people. The results showed that most people said the service is excellent. Product expertise and knowledge of the staff was also rated highly.


A competitive salary and commission package are several of the outstanding benefits of this job. More information can be found on their website.