Learn About Secret Gods and Mysteries in Alexis Kennedy’s Cultist Simulator Game

Set in the 1920s, Cultist Simulator is a narrative card game that engrosses gamers with action and consequence. Gamers can live multiple lives in a single existence. While supplementing their income as an artist or respectable business professional, they could be dabbling in the occult to hone their black magic and ultimately open a wormhole of pain and revenge on their enemies. Just another average day in the Cultist world.

Available for download on STEAM, Google Play, the App Store, and itch.io, Cultist Simulator is a fantasy, single-player world created by Alexis Kennedy. He drew inspiration for the game from Lovecraft tales and other old mythologies with the occult, magic, and witchcraft as backdrops.

In Cultist Simulator, gamers take aim at their heart’s desire, whether that be finding true love and settling down to spawn heirs or starting up a cult with high hopes of devouring the world as they know it. However, every action bears a consequence. There’s no going back once you have placed a card to into play.

Every card drawn and played is another twist in the fate of the game. No two gameplay experiences are ever the same unless you draw the same cards, every single time. In a smooth narrative voice, Alexis Kennedy encourages you to try out new card combinations—if only to see what happens next.

Alexis Kennedy, the Creator and Ingenious Game Designer

Well-versed in game design and tech developments, Alexis Kennedy is a London-based designer and creative director with over two decades of tech knowledge and hands-on experience. While he has worked with a few game development companies in the past decade, Kennedy is best-known for his indie game design company, Weather Factory—launched in 2016. Notable works include Fallen London, Sunless Sea, and the upcoming Book of Hours, which is based in the Cultist Simulator universe.