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EOS just released a new Vegan Crystal balm product. Before discussing the product specifically, we will talk a little about the company itself. EOS stands for Evolution of Smooth. The company is the maker of the infamous EOS lip balm pod says The company has started a new trend and arguably changed the way people think about lip care products. They decided that the old fashioned stick of balm was too main stream. In result they created a personalized, fun product. The EOS lip balm pods are colorful and appealing. They have become very popular since their release. Women all over the country have found these little pods a spot in their purses. Kim Kardashian is only one of the many women spotted with one of these fancy little products. Recently, EOS announced the new Crystal balm. As the name states, the balm is crystal clear. That right, you can see through your lip balm. How is this possible you may ask? Well, EOS wanted to create a vegan, organic product to increase their availability to consumers. Doing so meant that they had to remove the wax from the formula. In result, the balm is now clear. The balm is still capable of hydrating your lips, now it just won’t come with the heavy feeling normally associated with lip care products. The new balm has become very popular in just a short amount of time. It is available in two delicious flavors including Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach. Hurry and grab one now here on! The balm is packed with essential oils that keep your lips in good health. The balm is encased in more of a triangular looking pod. Still, the entire product looks incredibly sharp. If you are thinking you may want one of these amazing products, they go for about five bucks at major retailers.

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EOS Vegan Crystal Flavors: A Review

Vegan is the new ‘in’ thing. It isn’t just a status symbol, but more of a personal choice that shows compassion for animals and cares for the environment. Did you know that it isn’t just food that can be vegan, but also beauty products. The recently released EOS Vegan Crystal Flavors is the product you might be needing for your lip balm needs, refer here to see more amazing news at

The EOS brand has been consistently making waves and setting trends in the beauty market. Even more so when they released their new Vegan Crystal Flavors. They still come in the all-familiar pastel colored round containers, but what’s new to it is the balm itself which is–you know it–crystal clear. Currently they offer flavors such as Vanilla Orchard and Hibiscus Peach. Their ingredients are 100% vegan and contain natural nourishing oils for maximum hydration. The products are wax-free, toxin-free and paraben-free. They have the EOS guarantee–soft, lightweight smooth finish coming from a cute circular dispenser.

EOS, an acronym for “Evolution of Smooth” changed the game in the lip balm scene. What we initially thought could only exist in small tubes and plain flavors, is forever changed when the EOS lip balm product line was released. They may look like balls or orbs for that matter, which are not only cute, but functional. This design allows the products to glide smoothly over the lips with more precision and the circular dispenser is less prone to malfunctions which can ruin any makeup bag when products spill.

This unique look and quality lip balm flavors catapulted EOS to fame in the beauty scene, eventually outdid a popular brand Chapstick as a lip balm staple for millennials. One of the most common problems when using the traditional lip balm was the loss of the tube cap, or losing the lip balm entirely in women’s purses. Users also did not find lip balm products enjoyable. After several years of product research and development, they wanted to create something new in the line of lip balm products. Attractive to the senses, particularly sight and smell, quality ingredients in a competitive price. EOS quickly became a beauty favorite amongst the population, see

What’s next for EOS? We don’t know yet, but so far, so good. We are excited to see what EOS will do next as how we are excited to use our Vegan Crystal lip balms.

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