EOS Review Of Organic Lip Balm Flavors

EI have been interested in trying EOS lip balm ever since it came out and finally was able to buy some to try. I am so glad that I bought it because it is the best lip balm that I have ever used in my life. I bought EOS new crystal lip balm. I bought the crystal lip balm in the flavor hibiscus peach. I love peach and frequently buy anything that comes in peach flavor so I was very happy to find out that this new EOS peach flavor tasted just like real peaches along with hibiscus, available here at makeupalley.com.

Along with their new crystal lip balm EOS sells many other types of lip balms. They have organic lip balm, smooth lip balm, and even shimmer lip balm. EOS lip balm’s come in the most unique packaging on the market, see more. Instead of them coming in sticks like other lip balm company’s they come in egg shaped spheres that are perfect for carrying around anywhere well still being easy to find them in your purse. Many times, other lip balm brand’s get lost because their sticks are simply too small but that won’t have with EOS spheres, read great review here. EOS spheres are not only easy to find in purses because they are a little bigger than lip balm sticks but they are also easy to find because they come in bright colors and all EOS lip balm lasts longer than the average stick of lip balm.

Head over to http://www.usmagazine.com/stylish/news/eos-updated-its-classic-lip-balm-photos-w496434.

Along with lip balm spheres EOS also sells traditional lip balm sticks for those who would rather have that. All the different types of EOS come with different flavors. For example, the new crystal lip balm only comes three flavors peach hibiscus, vanilla orchid, and plus. However, EOS organic lip balm comes in 9 flavors instead of just 3 flavors like the new crystal lip balm.