Kamil Idris Reputed International Civil Servant with Over Two Decades of Experience

Kamil Idris is a man to reckon with in the field of international civil service and has served as the director general of the world renowned World Intellectual Property Organization. In the past, Kamil Idris has also served as the head of UPOV or the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants. Kamil Idris is a highly qualified individual and has done BA in Political Science, Economics, and Philosophy from Egypt’s famous Cairo University, LLB from Sudan’s Khartoum University, and has done Ph.D. in International Law from the University Of Geneva, Switzerland. In the year of 2005, Kamil Idris also received an honorary doctorate from the Indira Gandhi National Open University of India.


As an experienced international civil servant with keen interest and knowledge of foreign affairs and law, Kamil Idris keeps a close view on what is happening across the globe. In the recent blog that he wrote on the subject of economics, Kamil Idris mentioned how the new US Government under US President Donald Trump had imposed substantial penalties on the Chinese imports. The increase in regulatory fees on the Chinese imports is going to hurt Chinese businesses massively, and there can be a backfire shortly. The US President Donald Trump has taken these measures against China because of the massive theft of the United State’s Intellectual Property by the Chinese businesses in the form of counterfeiting of famous American products, stealing US technologies, and compelling US businesses to share their trade and technology secrets with the Chinese businesses.


The new trade tariffs introduced by the US government would cost China heavily and is expected to be around $50 billion. Kamil Idris said that many of the US as well as other western businesses competing with the Chinese companies have often raised their voice and complained against the Chinese businesses’ illegal business practices. The US President Donald Trump had been talking about imposing heavy tariffs for the Chinese companies from before he was elected as the President and thus, it doesn’t come as a surprise that now he has implemented what has been in his agenda list for a long time.