Brown Modeling Agency and a Top-Tier Roster

Heyman-Talent South was the name of a modeling agency that was located in Austin in Texas in the past. It was purchased by Wilhelmina Austin in 2015. The entity overhauled the company and rebranded it as the Brown Agency. It was a famed choice for people who were interested in modeling in the Central Texas area. Heyman-Talent South was among the biggest talent firms around.


Justin Brown is the individual who is in charge at the Brown Agency. The company naturally was named after him, too. He was in charge at Wilhelmina Austin. It was introduced to the city of Austin in 2010. It rapidly developed a positive reputation within the modeling industry in the central part of Texas.


Austin is going to be the primary home of the Brown Agency. It’s going to have branches in both Los Angeles, California and Dallas, Texas, too, however. Brown is going to work as the President and the Chief Executive Officer. The Brown Agency is highly respected in the state and in nearby locations. It specializes in models and commercial talents alike. It supplies clients with a wealth of choices in talents. It supplies talents, on the other hand, with strong opportunities that involve international brands. Several of these brands are Dell, Louis Vuitton, L’Oréal and Toyota. The Brown Agency has been catering to clients and to models since the autumn of 2015.


Models who wish to go after fulfilling careers regularly try to work with the team at the Brown Agency. The Brown Agency has done so much to assist the models who are presently on its roster. These models have been seen on many established runways across the United States and globe. They’ve been on the coveted runways of Dallas Fashion Week, Austin Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week and New York Fashion Week. This doesn’t even take many other reputable events into consideration. Check out



The Brown Agency boasts a dazzling roster of models. It has many female models. It has many male models as well. Some of the hard-working female models who are represented by the Brown Agency are Katie Holiday, Impy, Meredith Johnson, Maddie Cook, Vanadia Badillo, Mia Kerr and Sophia Tatum. Some of the diligent male models who have Brown Agency representation are Asai Adame, Mpho Moshesh, Paul Evan, John Pepper, Gavin Beasley and Jesse Pedraza. The knowledgeable staff at the Brown Agency is perpetually on the lookout for potential new models. It strives to aid models who are enthusiastic about going after strong jobs in the field. It strives to aid models who are committed to excellence and to achievement in general. The Brown Agency also works with an abundance of people who are professional actors and actresses.