Next Level Lacrosse Camp, a Camp Founded by Pros

Next Level Summer Lacrosse camp is a way for young player to expand their skills. Next Level is dedicated to enhancing the lacrosse skills of your and high school level players. Armed with a philosophy that is focused on skill and player development, the founders of Next Level Summer Camp are able to further the development of the enrolled lacrosse players.

With the help of skill development, players are able to improve on the fundamentals of lacrosse. This includes passing to teammates, catching, stick handling, and even shooting. In addition to further developing those particular fundamental skills, Next Level also help players to gain a deeper love for the game. This program also helps to mature campers and turn them into well-rounded players that are able play offensively and defensively.

The environment in which these young and high school age lacrosse players are molded in includes a combination of great training and competitiveness. In this type of environment the coaches and trainers at Next Level are able to track the progress of every player registered in the program.

In 2011, Jon Urbana created Next Level Lacrosse with Lou Braun. Urbana is a great leader for Next Level Lacrosse because of his past accomplishments. Urbana has received much recognition as a high school and as a professional lacrosse player.

As a high school student, Jon showed his sport talents in tennis and lacrosse. His LinkedIn profile reveals that he received three varsity letters in the sports. His gifts allowed him to become a three-time all-conference player as well as Team captain.

His skills as a lacrosse player allowed him to have success on his college and professional team. Between the years of 2002 and 2004 Urbana grew tremendously as a player. In 2002, he was chosen as the team’s top rookie and started in 10 out of 14 games. In 2013 Jon’s skill started in 12 out of 12 games. In 2004 he was selected as Colonial Athletic Association’s defensive player of the year.