The Spirituality and Peace of Joseph Bismark


I discovered a fascinating article on Joseph Bismark on the WordPress blog Please Don’t Ask Alice. The article tells how Bismark is exactly the leader the marketing industry needs with his remarkable ability to encourage and show respect to employees thus inspiring them to drive the company forward. In particular, his goal is to encourage each employee to capture and share a common vision. To this end he longs to instill a spirituality and peace of mind among the workers in his company. Bismark has long seen the key of instilling spirituality and peace of mind within the body of the business work force. And he has a knack for having his business and spiritual personas complement each other at all times. 

This knack did not come naturally, however. He trained for it for many years. At only nine years of age he left his home to become a monk in the mountains of the Philippines. He trained there in the art of meditation until he was 17 years old. In 2008, Bismark became of part of the Q Group. He was instrumental in helping them create Qnet of which he became a manager. In his current role as a business leader, he has tirelessly worked to drive these ideas into his own workforce at Qnet. And although trying to please everyone can be chaotic, Bismark has actually systematized the practice. 

There are several other managers at Qnet, but because of his emphasis on encouraging and showing respect to each employee, Bismark is the most popular among them. His emphasis on each individual may not seem sincere. It may seem like he is only doing it because he wants to get something out of it. Although he does, in fact, want to get something out of it, he genuinely cares for his employees. He truly wants each individual to reach their fullest potential not just for the sake of the company but for themselves as well.

Here’s to hoping that in the future more leaders in businesses see Joseph Bismark’s methods are working and therefore follow his example. He himself is working to make this true among various business leaders. In the hectic and very confusing business environment of today, they would do well to listen to his advice.