Victoria Doramus Emerges Victorious From Drug Addiction

Victoria Doramus is a recovery expert who shares her experiences as an alcohol and drug addict with the hope of helping people with the same problem. She first went to rehab in 2011, at the age of 26 but did not fully understand anything to do with drug addiction. After 45 days in Sierra Tucson, a center in Arizona, she went back to LA with more knowledge about herself but did not comprehend the fact that she had a disease and needed help. She tried changing her circle of friends and even going back to school in London, but her disease persisted. Victoria opted to join a rehabilitation center in Connecticut for the second time with the hope of a change, and 60 days later her situation was only getting worse. She lost all her friends and family and was rendered homeless in Manhattan trying to find a doctor that would help her.

Ms. Victoria Doramus (@iamvictorialynn) decided in January 2017 and flew to Austin where she checked into Burning Tree, a rehab that applied the boot camp approach with a 12step program. In the facility, with the help of connections to the high powers, she got to understand her situation better without victimizing herself. Through peer evaluations, Victoria was able to focus on her characteristics that needed modification to lead a happy, healthy life.

According to, in August of the same year, she left the facility and moved to Dallas and got a job working an average of 35 hours weekly to help keep her mind occupied before finally moving to New York where she linked with nonprofit organizations fighting against drug addiction. Victoria Doramus admits that her biggest challenge is maintaining a clean state of mind but is working on it with her addiction therapist. She believes that change is possible if someone is willing to change. Follow Doramus on Instagram.

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