Changing Everything We Know About EOS with Crystal Clear Lip Balms

Evolution of Smooth has introduced a new product to their shoppers. The people who have been purchasing their products know how hard it would be to top the products they already had made. They knew what they were doing when they created EOS lip balm. They knew what they wanted to do when they had the great idea of creating EOS and when they came up with a new idea to raise the bar even higher, shoppers were greeted with teasers on Instagram about the new EOS product.

The Crystal Clear EOS Lip Balm is just another way to bring more shoppers over to their lip balm selection, buy here at The crystal clear selection is setting the bar high for future lip balm manufacturers. The new spheres are not the traditional sphere that shoppers might be used to. The new product is made to resemble a triangle shape and when you combine that with the crystal clear look, the end result is something similar to a gem.

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With the new product line out, EOS is selling out quickly in local stores, click here. The limited number of crystal clear lip balms has made it nearly impossible to find the clear lip balm in stores. What is so special about this new product? One thing that people like about it is, it is vegan free. The change was made to switch the product over to essential oils instead of bees wax. If you are worried about the appearance of your lips or that it might not work as good as traditional EOS lip balms, relax. The new recipe is using oils to replenish moisture to your lips. The new recipe calls for coconut, avocado and lastly, shea butter. Your lips will still have the moisture they need and without the stickiness of the bees wax.

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