If you have ever seen a modern super-yacht, commercial vessel or naval ship, chances are that it was likely engineered and built by Privinvest. Led by Chief Executive Officer Iskandar Safa, the company was launched by him and his brother, Akram. In 1990 the duo created together a global leader in the world of ship building. The built Privinvest.

Collectively, Privinvest owns five companies that help them create their highly-touted vessels that can be see on waterways across the globe. Those companies are CMN Group, German Naval Yard Kiel, Nobiskrug, Lindenau and Isherwoods. Privinvest is headquartered in Lebanon, the Safa brothers home country. Although the company is based in Beirut, it owns shipyards in several countries. France, Germany, Greece, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom are all home to Privinvest operations.

Privinvest creations have been used by many modern naval fleets. Navies in six countries have turned to the company to make their Navy more modern. The company has also begun investing in ship surveillance and time zone technologies. Various industries turn to their expertise. The team at Privinvest has worked with both government contracts and private contracts.

More than 2000 vessels to date have been built by the company. Their products have been made available so far in 40 countries. More than 2500 employees are employed by the company to make their products available to the international community. It is not just the maritime industry where the company now leaves its mark. Privinvest is also working in media through Privinvest Media, and the company has begun working in real estate and hospitality.

Privinvest remains committed to helping the greater good too. Green energy is a company priority, and Privinvest has invested in marine renewable energies. In doing so they have excelled at river and tidal turbine installations that operate with green energy at the core of its focus.

Find out more about Privinvest: https://twitter.com/privinvestgroup?lang=en